6 Tips For Busy Entrepreneurs

6 Tips For Busy Entrepreneurs

Hey guys it's Nathan Lucas, in this post I want give some advice that will help you if you're an entrepreneur.

If you are an entrepreneur, you know that life can get very busy while trying to build a business at the same time, that's why i'm giving you...

6 Tips If You're A Busy Entrepreneur

Let's just right into it with tip...

1. Make A Plan

With so many distractions around us, it's easy to get side tracked or off task. This can be prevented by taking the time to actually sit down and make a plan.

Whether it's a marketing plan, a family plan or whatever else you may have on your agenda, if you want to make the most out of your time, I recommend creating a plan that will guide you through exactly what you're going to do, and at what times.

2. Create A To-Do List (Narrow it down)

If you haven't already read it, I HIGHLY recommend picking up the book called the one thing​. <--- Amazon affiliate link.

If you really want to focus on what's going to create the most success in your business or in your life and want to execute on it, GET THIS BOOK!

I can tell you that, after reading it, my eyes were opened to what I really needed to do in my business to create success and I know it can help you do the same.

3. Get Laser Focused

We've already talked a little bit about distractions, but if we don't commit to getting focused and cutting out distractions, they will be the end of us.

Distractions are the reason why so many people look back on their lives with regrets. Most of the time it's not from what they did, but from what they didn't do.

They didn't fully chase their dream, or they didn't spend as much time with family, or take that dream vacation.

Why? Distractions!

Don't get distractions keep you from achieving what you want in this life. Don't live a life wondering what it would be like to go all in. Decide that you're going to get LASER FOCUSED, and cut out distraction that are keeping you from what you want in this life.

4. Exercise And Eat Healthy

I've gotta tell you, I'm not perfect when it comes to this... Most of us aren't. I believe this is one of the most important tips I can give you.

We all know that we should lead healthier lives, but for some reason, we don't take actions to improve our health.

If you want to become the best entrepreneur you can be, guess what... you're gonna need a tremendous amount of energy to keep you going. 

The part about having access to the internet now a days is, you can just look up some awesome videos for free on how to start living a healthier lifestyle and get better nutrients in your body.

5. Schedule Breaks

There have been times when I've sat at my computer working for 8 hours straight, without taking a single break. I'm not bragging and I don't recommend this. It's a stupid thing to do and will drain your energy.

Something I do today, is I'll set a timer on my phone and when It goes off, I know it's time to take a break. You can set it for however long you want. I usually set my timer for 45-60 minutes. That way, every hour I'm taking a 5-10 minute break.

If you take breaks throughout the day, you will have more energy and feel better, which will allow you to be more productive.

6. Create A Morning Ritual

It's important that we start our day off the best we can. One way to do this is to be intentional about starting our day off right with a morning ritual.

I've heard it said like this before, which I absolutely love: Think of starting our day out like climbing a hill in the snow. The higher we climb, the greater a snowball will form down the hill.

If we climb high, a large snowball will form that will go farther. If we don't start very high, when we push the snowball down the hill if won't become very big and won't go as far.

Mornings are very important to creating a successful and productive day. This is why I recommend starting a morning ritual.

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