Best Ways To Promote Your YouTube Videos For Free - 4 Ways

Best Ways To Promote Your YouTube Videos For Free – 4 Ways

Hey what's going you guys, it's Nathan Lucas here. In this post, I'm going to share with you the best ways to share you YouTube videos for free. This will allow you share out your videos without having to worry about the cost of advertising. Enjoy!

1. Social Sharing buttons

This is the most basic way to share your videos. You simply share the video using the buttons below your videos found on YouTubes platform.​

​2. Embed On A Blog/Website

Just like you've seen what I've done here, you can embed videos on blogs. Google and YouTube like to see this.

3. Publish To LinkedIn​

LinkIn Is a very popular social network for professional that can get you traffic. You can embed your video here on this site just like you can on a blog.​

4. Share To Google Plus Communities

Google own YouTube and it likes to see when you share it's content on other platforms that it owns. I highly recommend sharing on Google plus even though it's a ghost town.

Nathan Lucas

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