How To Be More Positive – 10 Ways

How To Be More Positive – 10 Ways

Hey guys, thanks for stopping by. The video above shows you 10 different ways to be more positive in your life. Below, you'll find the show notes and resources mentioned in the video.

Show Notes & Resources

1. Be Grateful For Something Every Day

​Article from LifeHack - 60 Things To Be Thankful For

2. Eat Healthier

14 ways to eat healthier by berkeleywellness

3. Listen To Good Music/Vibes

Here's a list of 47 good mood songs

4. Be Around Positive People

​Surrounding yourself with positive people is necessary, because it directly influences you.

Here's an article about surrounding yourself with positive people.​

​5. Practice Positivity On Purpose

​Here's an article from Tiny Buddha on how to train yourself to be more positive.

​6. Smile Often

​Smiling can literally change your life. I know it's very simplistic, but it's true. Here's an article about the magic of smiling.

​7. Always Be Learning/Growing

This has been so true for me. When we are learning or growing, we tend to be more happy.

Here's an article from the HuffingtonPost why learning leads to happiness.​

​8. Face Your Feelings

I know most of us deal with things in life that bring on feelings that quit frankly, we'd rather not be feeling. But it's important for us to acknowledge those feelings so we can move forward in our lives. Here's an article on how to hand sadness and pain.​

​9. Do Something That Matters

If you want to learn how to do something that matters with your life and make it a career, I recommend checking out Brendon Burchard. This guy teaches people how to be high performers in their passion.​

​10. Help Others

There is no greater thing, than to positively impact the lives of others. Not only will helping others bring you happiness, but it is a faster track to success as well.

Here is an article from Forbes about 10 ways to help others that will lead to success.


I'm happy that you are here, reading this. It tells me that you are making an effort to become a more positive being, which I believe is greatest part of becoming more positive.

We choose what we focus on, whether it be good, or bad. To become more positive, we must choose to look at the good in our life, no matter what the circumstances are.

Thanks for being here!

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Nathan Lucas

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