make $10,000 with affiliate marketing

How To Make $10,000 Dollars With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Let's talk about affiliate marketing, including what the benefits are and why it may the best choice, and also what the cons are and why someone may not choose to do affiliate marketing.

The big question most people have when first looking at affiliate marketing is this:

"Great! Lot's of people make good money with affiliate marketing, but is it something I can do, even as a beginner?"

The quick answer is YES! Anyone who knows how to use the basic functions of a computer and the internet can learn how to start making money with affiliate marketing, but in this post I want to share with you HOW to do it.

First off, there's something we must discuss, not just about affiliate marketing, but making money online in general...

Mindset is going to be key to your success.

I know I know... You've probably heard all the mumbo jumbo about working on yourself more than you work on your business, but that doesn't make any less important.

If you really want to make your first 10,000 dollars with affiliate marketing you're going to have to believe you can do it.

Why is this so dang important? Because...

What you believe dictates your actions, and you must be taking the right action to make money online.

how to make 10,000 with affiliate marketing

With that being said, let's jump into how you're gonna make that mula!$$

Pick A Product From An Affiliate Marketing Network

There are many different affiliate marketing network that exists, Clickbank, ShareASale and Amazon just to name a few.

These networks have hundreds of thousands of products for sale in many different niches that you can make commissions from. How do you do it?

Sign up as an affiliate. This allows you to make commissions on any products you recommend to others after they purchase. 

Once you're all signed up as an affiliate, you're ready to earn as an affiliate.

Here's the first mistake people make when they first become an affiliate.

  • They directly promote the product without any value or story given.
  • They directly tell people to buy through their link who they don't know

Don't get me wrong, the only way you make money as an affiliate marketer is by people purchasing products or services through your affiliate link.

If you not only want to make your first $10,000 dollars with this, but also go on to make 6-figures, there's something that most affiliate marketers do.

The 6-Figure Affiliate Marketing Cycle

Here's the deal... Many people do make a few bucks by following the exact mistakes I just told you about. But, the people who go on to make a 6-figure income follow this cycle.

Create Valuable Content

Think about what the person (customer) who needs the product you're selling. What's the reason they are going to purchase that product in the first place? Ask yourself this questions and produce content that will help them solve their problems.

Usually, people buy for one of two reasons.

  1. To Avoid Pain... or
  2. To Gain Pleasure

So, figure out why someone wants to buy the product you're promoting, then make a sincere effort to create valuable content. At the end of that content is where you'll make your next move.

Give A Call To Action (CTA)

Now that someone has consumed your amazingly valuable content, it's okay for them to go deeper with you. This can be done many ways, but I'll stick to showing you the core basics of building a successful affiliate marketing business.

You're going to give a CTA that will lead them to your product, but first, we're going to think like smart marketers...

We're going to give a CTA that is giving something away for FREE in exchange for their E-mail address.

Why do you want someone's E-mail? Great question!

Build An Email List

Building an e-mail list is one of the smartest things you can do as a business owner and marketer

If you hear someone say that it's an out-dated method to building a business, don't listen because they're wrong!

Here's why building a list is so damn powerful...

Imagine for a second you are about to launch a new course, or heck, you're about to start promoting a new affiliate program and you really want to start with a bang.

What would it feel like to send out an E-mail with the push of a button to thousands of people who already knew you because they've previously saw your content and opted-in to your list?

One word - Leverage!

Now, you know the importance of building a list, let's talk about E-mail automation. You're going to love this, because this is what allows you to make commissions while you're sleeping (Literally, it's happened to me).

Follow-Up With An Autoresponder

An e-mail autoresponder is the same software we use to build our e-mail list. The automation comes into play through sequences we set-up ahead of time.

Once someone subscribes to your autoresponder (for whatever giveaway you're giving them) then you can have an email sequence follow up this people over days, weeks or even months.

This is as close to automation as it gets in any business.

There are many different autoresponder softwares out there but at the time of writing this, I use Getresponse. I think they start at 15 bucks a month.

Sell Shit

Remember, in order to make money in this game, we have to sell something.

If you want to know what system I recommend and am currently promoting you can check it out here.

Don't be afraid to ask for the sale or recommend a product to someone because it's the only way you get paid.

I've seen people who get scared when it comes to this, but remember, nobody cares about you. All they want is to avoid pain or increase pleasure, and if you're product or service does that, than holy smokes.... Let em' have it!

Build A Brand People Love

After you start going through this process over and over, you're going to start building trust within your niche. People will think of you as the go-to person. That's exactly what you want.


This cycle is not some thrown together BS. It's a road map to true success in the world of affiliate marketing.

Following these steps is exactly how I made my first $10,000 online and how I've seen others make hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Before you go I want to give you something I know will help you take your affiliate marketing business to the next level.

It's my E-book Affiliate Marketing Riches and I'm going to give it to you guess for how much? Yup... FREE! I leave it below for you to snag.

I truly appreciate you and wish you all the success in the world.

See you at the top,

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