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International Money Making 101: How to Make Money Traveling

Traveling is a beautiful thing but it can become stressful when you don’t know where your next paycheck is coming from. If you’re someone who loves to travel you shouldn’t have to sacrifice it for a day job. That’s why we are here to tell you about a few jobs that you can do anywhere on the earth and make some extra bucks. Keep reading below to see our top ways on how to make money traveling. 

1. Sell Timeshares

If you like the idea of being a salesperson and you’re traveling to a well-known vacation destination, then you can make some extra cash by selling timeshares. Usually, resorts or businesses that sell timeshares want salespeople that can relate to their potential customers. Usually, this means having Americans sell to Americans, Italians to Italians and so on.

This is one of the easiest jobs you can do if you’re going to be traveling through a top vacation spot for people in your home country. A big plus is that the earning potential is pretty big.

2. Get a Resort Job

If you’re not a salesperson then you may consider getting a job in a top-notch resort. Usually, resorts will hire international staff to better relate to their guests. You will have your pick of positions from the front desk to being a server. 

3. Do Some Online Freelance Work

Freelancing is the ideal job to have when you’re traveling. This is because you can do it from anywhere and on your own time, making it very versatile. 

Freelance work such as web design, graphic design, writing, and programming can make you a nice sum while traveling the world. You can either approach potential clients yourself or sign up for a platform that will connect you with clients. 

4. Work in a Hostel

If you want a more low-key and interesting job then consider working in a hostel in the town or city you’re currently visiting. Usually, it isn’t hard to get a job at a hostel because most of them are looking for workers to work a few hours each day.

The jobs available within the hostel will be things such as working at the front desk and cleaning the rooms and bathrooms. You may even be able to work out a deal with the owners where you can also get a bed each night and get paid.

5. Are You an Actor? Then Act Abroad

If you’re heading towards a town or city that is big for movie making, you can try to make money traveling by being an extra in one of their productions. The best part is you don’t have to have any acting experience to be an extra on a film and get paid. If you do have some experience, you may be able to say a line or two and get paid a bit more than an extra that has no experience.

You won’t make a million dollars but you will get some cash to feed yourself and get to your next location. Also, one of the big benefits of this job is that you will get to see yourself on the big screen. 

6. Pick Some Fruit to Make Some Cash

If you’re going to be staying in a place that has a large fruit industry then you can easily find a job helping to pick the harvest and make money traveling like this. You can usually find deals that will pay you per weight and then give you a place to sleep for your efforts. 

7. Check out a Working Holiday Visa

Countries such as Australia, New Zeland, and Canada to name a few, offer working holiday visas to people between the ages of 18 and 30. This is usually the best option for people to make some money while traveling.

These visas allow you to stay in the country of your choice for up to a year and usually gives you the freedom of applying to any position you would like. If you’re someone that wants to work at a cafe or pursue your career abroad, this is the option for you. 

8. Teach English

One of the easiest ways someone who is fluent in English can make money while traveling is to teach their native language. One great thing about teaching English abroad is that there are plenty of job opportunities in this line of work, almost wherever you go.

The only requirement for teaching English abroad is that you must be a native speaker. The best way to search and find these jobs in the area you’re traveling or staying is to do a Google search. Then, of course, research the company to make sure it’s legit. 

After checking out the company and making sure they are the right fit for you, go ahead and fill out an application. In no time you’ll be asked to come in for an interview and you will be making money sooner than you know. 

9. Be a Travel Blogger

This isn’t one of the easiest jobs you can do on this list, but putting time and effort into it will definitely pay off. Becoming a travel blogger will require a lot of your time building a website, taking photos, writing blog posts, and posting on a regular basis. 

A lot of people make some extra cash through advertisements on their blogs. If you’re someone that visits a lot of places and wants to share your travels with the world this is a great job for you. 

10. Open an Online Store

Are you crafty? Maybe You’re visiting places that sell goods that can’t be found in your native country. No matter the reason, considering an online store may be one of the easiest ways to make money while you’re traveling.

If you know how to market yourself and tell people why they need your product you can land some steady sales every week. This means a steady paycheck for your travels. 

11. Affiliate Marketing

With a remote affiliate marketing job, you can make some decent cash but keep in mind that the market is competitive. This is another job that may take some of your time.

Usually, people research what type of brands they would like to market for a few months and then execute their findings. This can lead to a decent paycheck. 

12. Day-Trading

When you hear the word trader you may think of playing an open-world video game or even traveling the open road in a western. The reality is that traders are still a thing and they can make a decent sum selling on their travel routes. You can sell things such as fruit or trinkets from places you’ve traveled to. 

13. Housesitting

Usually, if you’re housesitting for someone you’re not going to get paid (usually) anything. But, a reason you may want to consider this job is that you will get a free place to stay, which will save you some money for your next destination.

You can find housesitting gigs online and there are travelers that bounce from housesitting gig to housesitting gig on their travels. This is a great idea if you have a remote job because you won’t have to pay for a place to sleep and still get a paycheck from your main gig. 

14. Consider Remote Working

If you’re someone that’s been itching to travel for a while but your desk job is holding you back, ask your company if you can work remotely for a few months. Thanks to the 21st century, most jobs can be done remotely as long as you have a computer and internet access.

15. Give Some Massages

If you’re a masseuse then you can definitely make some money on the open road by offering massages to fellow travelers. If you’re staying in a hostel try posting a sign-up sheet with your pricing to get some clients and some cash to eat. 

16. Give Some Haircuts

If you’re someone who used to give haircuts in the army or went to school for cutting hair, you can use your trade to your advantage when traveling the world. The best way to execute this is to choose a hostel (a popular one is best) and post a sign-up sheet for hair cuts. 

Make sure to list the date, time slots, and pricing for the cuts. In no time you’ll have other travelers signing up to get their hair cut and styled. 

17. Make a Few Drinks and Get Some Tips

One of the best ways you can make some extra cash is by serving up some drinks. You may be surprised, but there are plenty of bars in cities and towns that pay ‘cash in hand’ for some extra bodies behind the bar.

Usually, this ‘ cash in hand’ deal is for travelers only so that makes your competition pool a bit smaller depending on where you’re traveling. Usually, the bars connected to your hostel are your best bet for finding this deal and fast. 

18. Serve a Few Dishes and Make Some Extra Cash

Another easy job you can get abroad is working in a food joint. If you have experience serving or making some food, ask the hostel staff if you can help out in the kitchen or eating area. Just like above, to find an opportunity for backpackers asking to work at a food place connected or inside a hostel is your best bet. 

19. Teach Musical Instruments

Are you handy with a guitar? How about your love for playing the piano? You can turn your musical skills into some cash while you’re traveling by offering music lessons.

The idea behind this is that wherever you go, you’re bound to find someone that would like to learn how to play an instrument. If you’re staying in a town or city for a few weeks try advertising your class in a newspaper or in an online chatroom. 

20. Be a Scuba Diving Instructor

If you’re traveling to an area that has beautiful oceans and amazing sea life, then try to find a job being a scuba diving instructor. Of course to qualify you must have experience and your certification in scuba diving, but that’s it!

The best part about this is that you don’t have to be a seasoned expert to land this job. You can ask to teach beginner classes which will be easy to do and give you a decent cash sum.

21. Put Your Photography Skills to Good Use

Anyone can take a picture, so this means anyone can make some cash by selling their pictures. If you travel a lot and like to go off the beaten path, make sure you’re documenting it through photos. After capturing beautiful and breathtaking moments try selling your travel photos.

There is a large market for buying and selling photos. You can try to sell them to a local newspaper or magazine or even an international publication. Depending on who you sell to, you can make a decent paycheck. 

Now You Have a Few Ideas on How to Make Money Traveling

We have provided you with 21 jobs that you can do from any corner on the earth. These 21 jobs will help you fulfill your travel dreams while teaching you how to make money traveling.

We have provided you with some ideas that you may have never thought of before such as asking a hostel if you can work in their bar or posting an ad giving haircuts to fellow travelers. We have also given you a few options to put your skills and certifications to use abroad. 

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