How To Rank YouTube Videos Fast – Proof! – Watch Me Do It Live In Minutes!

How To Rank YouTube Videos Fast – Proof! – Watch Me Do It Live In Minutes!

You want to learn how to rank videos on YouTube fast? than watch this video!

In the video above I literally show you how I ranked a YouTube video in just minutes. Not hours, not days, not weeks, MINUTES!

This was a VERY HIGHLY competitive keyword. No I didn't make it to the first place of google, but with what I show you in the video, you can absolutely take it and start ranking for low-medium competitive words starting RIGHT NOW!

SOOOO, what's what secret?

How Do I Rank Videos On YouTube Fast?

It's quite simple.... Everyone knows about it, yet nobody is doing it.

YouTube Live!​

That's the "secret".

Like I said, everyone knows about it but hardly anyone is taking advantage of it.

YouTube heavily puts priority on Live videos, which means the small guy has a fighting chance at ranking a video if they Livestream it instead of upload it like any other video.

Now, it's not a guarantee and you still do need to be consistent, but I've seen some great results with it and I know of others who've also been killing it with YouTube Live.

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