Why I Left Aweber – What Most People Don’t Know About Aweber


Aweber has been great! It's the first software I used to start growing a subscriber list online. I used it for about a year and half before really considering switching, but now the time has come.

Not only has the time come, but I'm disappointed in Aweber. After really researching the market in what other autoresponder offer out there, Aweber is BEHIND... PERIOD!

I don't care who you are or how much money you make. No matter what angle you want to take on this matter, Aweber is overpriced and under-delivering.

Let's take a quick look at what's currently going on in the email marketing industry.

Smart Marketing / WorkFlow Marketing

Now, before you Aweber die hards attack, let me just reiterate, I think Aweber IS a great company, and I have enjoyed their software.... but times are changing... with that being said... let's press...

Smart marketing or Workflow marketing is on the rise and I would say it's not something a beginner marketer needs to be concerned with just yet, however, the way internet marketing is moving, I can see this being a basic skill-set of a beginner email marketer in the near future.

Workflow marketing allows you to apply tags to your subscribers based on actions they take on emails you send out. So let's say you send an email and a subscriber clicks a specific link inside that email, you can now tag that subscriber so you know they clicked that link (powerful).

Aweber's current functionality for this type of marketing through their campaigns is very limited compared to services like Getresponse, which have way more options. Not to mention better pricing, which brings me to the deal breakers with Aweber.

Aweber Deal Breakers!

Sorry Aweber, you can't go and do crap like this under people's noses for so long and expect the word to not get out. What's the word you ask? Great questions!...

Not only is Aweber more expensive than other autoresponsers, such as Getresponse, but they are double charging people, and in some cases triple charging. Let me explain.

Charging for unsubscribers

Aweber charges it's members for people who've unsubscribed from their lists! WHAT!? Yup! How can they do that? Because Aweber still stores your unsubscribers in your account, they count toward your total number of subscribers.... what a load of CRAP! C'mon

Now, you do have the option to go in and delete those who've unsubscribed, but like any human, it's easy to forget this task and get overcharged. Aweber also doesn't go out of their way to tell anyone this information, which personally, I think is messed up!

Here is a screenshot directly from their site stating Aweber charges for unsubscribes...

Why I'm leaving Aweber

Double Charging For A Single Subscriber

Aweber works with lists, as do quite a bit of other email services, but Aweber has decided to capitalize on this without most of their customer base knowing about it. This is another thing that really frustrates me about Aweber.

Most people don't realize this, but when someone subscribes to a list, if for any reason at all, they subscribe to another list or campaign that you have going on, they will be considered ANOTHER subscriber.

This is absolutely ridiculous​!

For most people growing businesses out there, they know this could potentially impact their wallet. Lots of entrepreneurs and businesses who have a list will promote another campaign with another list to sign up to, if thousands of your own subscribers get added to a separate list, you could be paying twice for the same subscribers with Aweber.

All of these finding put together means some people are being triple charged by Aweber, and unfortunately they probably don't even know it 🙁

100% Idiotic... Aweber... FIX IT!! Other services like Getresponse are not doing this to their customers.​


Like I said in the beginning, I've had a great experience with Aweber overall, but with all these new findings, it's time to say goodbye. They definitely have some things to fix. Maybe do some soul searching while they're at it, because I don't believe what they're doing it right.

Where Am I Going?​

First I've gotta tell ya, moving autoresponders can be an entires days work if your have tons of information linked to that service, so you've been warned.

I've picked up and moved to Getresponse. I've done research on several autoresponders and I've looked at some of the top marketers in the world to see what they use, and this is what I've decided to go with. They are also one of the most affordable email services out there.

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