Jatch Review – The Best Instagram Tool?

Jatch Review – The Best Instagram Tool?

Welcome To My Jatch Review

So, you've been looking around online to find a way to crank up your Instagram and came across a nifty little tool called Jatch eh? Sweet, so did I.

I want to take just a few minutes to tell you a little bit of my experience with the software and give you my little Jatch review.

At the time of writing this review I've been using Jatch on my Intagram account for about two weeks and solely from using this software, my account has grown by 500 hundred followers and I've even made commissions.

Here is a screenshot of my Instagram account after two weeks, 500 Followers later.

Jatch Review | Does Jatch Work

In these two weeks I went from about 10,400 followers to 10,900.

So, How Does Jatch Work?

Unlike some of the other services out there that give you fake followers, Jatch allows you to fill out a questionnaire, then based on the information you give them, they provide you with the most targeted real followers in the niche you want.

This is what makes Jatch so powerful. Not only does it get you target followers, but it also will send direct messages to those followers on your behalf automatically.​

So how much will the service cost you?

There are 3 different levels that they offer.

BASIC which will cost $57.00 per month which is great for people who are interested in just getting more exposure.

PROFESSIONAL which will cost $97 per month which is great for people who are interested in generate leads and sales to their offers.​

NEW! CEO which will cost $127 per month which is great for people who are interested in getting massive engagement, a targeted and loyal audience, many clicks to their promotions and greater exposure.

Jatch Affiliate | Compensation Plan

Jatch also has an affiliate program that allows it's users to earn for referring others to use their program. How much can you earn?

If you purchase at the Basic level, you are able to earn by referring on all levels, which means you can earn commissions of $65 per month, $45 per month, $25 per month, or $500 for direct referrals.

So, let's say you decide to promote this program as an affiliate. How many people out there do you think need more leads and sales? You could literally let the software run to promote itself if you wanted to and follow up with prospects.

Let's you just found 25 people that went all in with the CEO to build their build their business. That would be $1,625.00 per month in residual income for sharing this little tool that people already needed anyway. Pretty cool!​

Jatch Instagram Automation


I've used several Instagram tools in the past and I know people who've used other tools, and this one is hands down the best that I've seen in the market to date. It's completely hands free and can really roll in leads and sales if you set up your targeting properly. I give Jatch two thumbs up!

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