The Real Truth About Network Marketing – By Patrick Betdavid

The Real Truth About Network Marketing – By Patrick Betdavid

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So many people have their opinions about the network marketing industry (if you call it an industry).

Recently, I've come across some information regarding the real truth about network marketing according to Patrick Betdavid.​

He goes into detail about network marketing and does a great job laying out the pros and cons.

Here are just a few things that I thought I would highlight from what he shared plus my two cents.

Few People Make It In Network Marketing​

This is not just speculation, it's fact. Most people who get involved in network marketing will not make it a full-time career.

Does that mean it's a scam? No, it just means like anything else, there are statistics.

Although, few people make it in network marketing, there are people who actually do make it. Not only do people make it, but some are able to create a very nice income that most people don't experience, no matter what industry you're in.

It Takes A Lot Of Hard Work

I think this is something that most reps inside the industry don't talk about.

Network marketing takes a great amount of effort and hard work over an extended period of time.​

You'll see a lot of reps in the industry leave this part out, because if some of their prospects actually knew how much work it was really going to take to become successful, they would never get involved.

I think there is a great shift happening within the industry as a whole, where people are now understanding the value of being authentic about their business.

Being completely transparent can reap great rewards with prospects because it build trust. And we all know that people buy from those who they know, like and trust.

​In this industry, there is...

Way Too Much Hype​

Although David worded this different, I completely agree with what's going on.

No matter, what industry a company is in, you'll see mlm companies acting like they have the cure for cancer, and they're willing to share it with anyone, ONLY, if you just go to their event. lol​

You know it's true! You've probably heard someone in meeting (possibly in a friend's house or the local Starbucks)​ talk about all the amazing benefits of their company and product.

Awesome! Great!... The company and products, just may be pretty darn great, and I think people should be passionate, but seriously, tone it down a bit. lol​

Because I'm a social media marketer, this next one I totally understand, and i think we need to start bringing massive awareness to it...

Spamming All Over Social Media

I get it! People are excited. They have a new business venture and they want to shout it from the roof tops. In fact, I bet everyone is going to eventually join the company. lol

Here's the deal guys, if you want to build a successful network marketing company online, you're more than likely not going to do it by spamming your opportunity and products all over the place.

This creates zero curiosity and it's not good marketing.

If you want to know exactly what I recommend to learn how to generate leads every day and build your business online, go through my training. I think you'll find it very helpful.​

Here's what I recommend (which is in my FREE training above), learn how to...

Build Your Personal Brand

This is hard for a lot of people who are involved in network marketing because they are not properly taught this by their company.

If you take a look at some of the top marketers, they are not only promoting one product or their company, they are building their own brand.

They are also using internet marketing to generate leads and build their business using proven marketing tactics.

Your business is NOT about your company, it's about YOU!

If you remember that in your marketing, you will be surprised by the results.​


Here's the real truth about network marketing. Even though some people bash it, and like anything, there are pros and cons, the fact is still this... Network marketing actually works. Even David says this in his post.

It takes a lot of hard work and it's not for everyone, but it does in fact work.

Thanks for reading!

Nathan Lucas



Nathan Lucas

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