how to make money with amazon affiliate without a website

How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Without a Website

Is working a 9-5 job sucking the life out of you? Are you working harder, but still in more financial stress than ever before? Thousands of Americans are in the exact same spot as you. But I’m happy to tell you there is a way out. 

With the internet, creating a digital business to call your own has never been more accessible. All you need these days to make money is a bit of time and a solid wifi connection. 

Today, I am going to show you how to make money with amazon affiliate without a website. Keep reading to find out what social media platforms you can get started on, and learn how to select a great niche to market in! 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting a product for another company or service. This, in turn, earns you a commission based on the product you’ve sold and sometimes your status with the merchant. 

Affiliate marketing turns you into a salesman for another company and you get a piece of their sales. With Amazon, you can earn anywhere between 0-10% of the total cost of the item sold by the affiliate’s promotion.

There is a reason Amazon grew so rapidly as a business, they have an excellent strategy. Now is the perfect time to get started with Amazon affiliate marketing and make some money of your own!

Why Choose Affiliate Marketing Over Another Online Business?

The reason so many people are turning to affiliate marketing is simple. Anyone and do it, and you don’t have to create your own product!

This puts the hard work of creating, manufacturing, and distributing a product in someone else’s hands. The only factor that the affiliate marketer has to concern themselves with is the volume of sales they are generating. 

This makes it one of the easiest businesses to start and get your foot in the door and start making some real money!

How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Without a Website

Amazon has the lowest barrier to entry with regards to affiliate marketing. When comparing to competitors like Commission Junction, Shareasale, and Rakuten, Amazon stands above the rest by allowing those with minimal experience a chance to get in on this business. 

Amazon is one of the only services that let you start your business without any quality checks. All of the other competitors can reject you before you even get started.

 Amazon, on the other hand, has a different process. They will simply ask if you own a site, check to make sure you aren’t breaking any laws, and then ensure that your content is appropriate and not misleading in any way! 

These simplified checks allow anyone to get started with affiliate marketing!

Selecting Your Platform

You may have heard of affiliate marketing in the past, but were convinced that you needed to create your own website or blog. For many people, they simply do not have the time or background knowledge to get started with this. 

That’s why I am showing you how to start affiliate marketing without a personal site or blog! 

Currently, Amazon allows you to qualify with your own content on sites hosted by other social media companies like: 

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube

Chances are, you’re using at least one if not all of these platforms already. This makes amazon affiliate marketing extremely convenient for anyone that wants to make a bit of extra cash. 


Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms ever with a user base of 2.37 billion users. You heard that number right, think of the potential. 

This media platform is full of ad space and anyone can create a business page to advertise from. The great part about Facebook is that everyone has at least a few people that would be willing to follow and support any type of business for their friends! 

This creates a great, loyal user base to spring off into affiliate marketing.


In the world today, a lot of people get their news from Twitter. This creates an atmosphere of consistent visits and views for everyone that’s being followed. 

The limited word count ensures that people are scrolling all day long, making this a great spot for your affiliate marketing ad. 

However, it’s important to know that the initial start-up with Twitter does take some work. You’ll have to write a bio about yourself that will catch people’s eye, and you will also have to post interesting content that will increase your number of followers.

 It is a social media platform, so the more followers you have, the higher your click potential is for links!


Did you know that Pinterest contains one of the largest searchable databases for images in the world at this time? They have a current user base of over 200 million users and are another fast scrolling site! 

The key to this platform is to create “pins” that contain your affiliate links. People will pin away anything that’s interesting to them, and do a lot of marketing work for you!

Whenever someone purchases a product from one of these links, you will get paid.

This is a great platform to get started on because Pinterest just recently added the ability to set up Amazon affiliate links within the pinned pictures. That means that affiliate marketing links are currently undersaturated, so you should jump on this chance while you can. 

This makes marketing as easy as snapping a picture, giving a quick review, and placing your affiliate link below. This makes it an immediate viable source for affiliate marketing because you don’t have to build up a channel or wait for a blog to mature in 3-6 months. 

You can spin up some pins, register your Pinterest with Amazon, and start reviewing products today! 


Youtube is, of course, the big marketing playground that everyone thinks of when they hear the words affiliate marketing. Hundreds of thousands of people have discovered that video creation is their dream job, and Youtube creates a platform for anyone to accomplish their goals.

On top of YouTube’s natural revenue generation, you can place your affiliate links in your videos and other people’s videos. At this point, it is difficult to get ranked on Youtube, so it could take 3-6 months of consistent videos to become a searchable and subscribable YouTuber. 

However, there is another way! The other way to market within Youtube is to find relevant articles to the product you’re selling and place a comment on the video. 

As long as the comment is relevant and genuinely seeks to help people, you’ll receive some clicks just by using other people’s content! 

Another aspect that is often overlooked on Youtube is collaboration. If you can find other YouTubers doing similar content to yours, appearing in their “details” section or within their video can give your products and videos a huge boost. Appearing in other popular YouTuber’s content can accelerate your channel to one that is looked at for useful products.

These platforms are the big 4 for Amazon affiliate marketing without a personal blog or website. There are a few other platforms out there that will use these same ideas to help you get started!

The benefit of the internet is that it has somewhere for everyone to go and find what they enjoy the most!

Choosing a Niche

Next up is the easiest part! This is the step where you get to choose your niche. 

Typically, there are three core strategies for selecting a niche.  You can either choose a niche that is the most popular, choose a niche that aligns with your hobbies, or choose a niche that not very many people are marketing in.  

Many times all three of these deciding factors will align, and that’s when you know you’ve found a niche you’ll be able to succeed in.

Most Popular Niches 

The most popular niches are those with the largest amount of potential buyers in them. These niches are obviously a moving target, but some have always remained at the top and are likely to remain there. 

The top three categories that we’ve found people most interested in are the following:

  • Health
  • How to Make Money
  • Relationships

These three niches are the top of the market and are getting hit hard with affiliate links. This is for good reason, these niches are attracting the highest user volume!

However, it is worth noting that trying to break into these markets can take time. You will need a killer strategy to take your piece of the pie. 

It’s worth considering how broad these top three niches really are. The health niche alone has potential sales for building muscle, food, yoga, doctors, medicine, supplements, losing weight, sports, and the list goes on and on. 

This means that you may be able to find a sub-niche within one of the larger categories that fit your hobbies or don’t have a lot of saturation yet. Starting from the top and working down may be the easiest way to find what you should be investing your time in to make more money.

Niches That Aren’t Currently Being Marketed

Hunting down a niche that isn’t very heavily marketed can be difficult. The reason that certain markets come to mind is that they are marketed to you already! 

This can create a situation where you have to set up a brainstorming session to really drill down into those sub-niches that haven’t been grabbed yet. Luckily, people have thought of this already. 

Here are the newly emerging niches from 2019: 

  • Tiny Home Products
  • VR (virtual reality) Products
  • Subscription Boxes
  • Biodegradable Products
  • Vegan Products
  • Survival Gear
  • Drones

This is just the tip of the iceberg. With a bit of digging, we’re positive that you can find an undersaturated market that will pique your interest!

Exploring Niches Within Your Hobbies

People tend to start with what interests them the most because it is always easy to think of and market items you already use! The main work in this area is thinking of everything that you find an interest in as a business opportunity. 

For example, if you are a rock climber, you can sell any number of items. Anything you touch or see in the rock climbing gym can be marketed to fellow rock-climbers. Just within the specific area, you have ropes, carabiners, shoes, grip boards, safety mats, and the list goes on. 

The best part about choosing a niche that is your hobby is that you are already an expert about a ton of different products within that niche! You can confidently recommend products that you have had the most success with. 

This gives you credibility and a market that you’re familiar with. A great advantage to this method is that you probably already have a group of friends you can ask to give your media of choice a few likes, boosts, or pins. 

The way to avoid burnout in affiliate marketing is a combination of choosing a popular niche, finding an undersaturated market, and being passionate about the items you are marketing! Making money while promoting a product you really believe in is a great feeling and will yield you better results in the long-run. 

Getting Started Today With Amazon Affiliate Marketing

The ultimate point of starting a profitable digital business is to gain back your freedom. This method can give you back your time and your financial stability if you follow these steps and stick with it. 

Not everyone has the time or skill to create a blog or start their own YouTube channel. But now that you know how to make money with Amazon affiliate without a website, there is no reason not to get started on your journey today. 

If you ever have any questions, you can check out any of the resources on my site to help guide you. This industry is open for business, and I hope you can use it as an avenue to achieve your wildest dreams. 

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