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How to become successful at anything

Too many people settle for mediocre but the truth is, you can succeed at anything you want to in life. Whatever you want is waiting, it’s just up to you to grab it. There are many different theories out there in regards to how you can be successful but you need to have a plan in place. Tony Robbins’ success cycle is something that works really well and it’s pretty simple too.

What is success?

Success is different for everyone but why should you settle for success in just one area of your life? You can achieve whatever you want. Whether that be in regards to your career, your social life, your relationships or something else entirely. For you, success might be making a million dollars, for somebody else it could just be scoring a job that provides steady income every year. So, before you start on Tony Robbins success cycle, ask yourself what does success really mean for you? Once you know what it is, you are ready to go and the opportunities for success are going to be endless.

Tony Robbins success cycle

If you have never heard of Tony Robbins and you are looking to improve your life in ANY way, he is definitely a man who is worth looking up. He is a life coach and a very good one at that. He has worked with athletes, entrepreneurs and generally has helped millions of people all over the world improve their lives. While he is knowledgeable in many areas and has done so much good, the program we are going to be talking about today is Tony Robbins success cycle. This will help you to reach your goals whatever they may be. Let’s take a look at exactly how this program works so that you can put these steps into action.

1 – What is the human potential?

The first thing you should be thinking about is human potential in general. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much potential do WE have? The answer is off the scale, our potential as humans is not even measurable. Think about all the amazing people who have graced the world since the beginning of mankind. How far we have come in medicine, people have even walked on the moon. When you put this against what you have achieved, your human potential has barely even been tapped into yet and that is what we are trying to unlock. Often, we don’t realize exactly how much we are capable of, which makes us hold back, resulting in you not being as successful as what you could be in the areas where you really need to thrive.

2 – Take action

After knowing your unlimited potential, there is only one way that you can get amazing results according to the Tony Robbins success cycle, and that is by taking ACTION. Success isn’t just going to come to you if you sit on your butt and expect the miracles to come to you. Not many people take the type of action they should be taking based on their potential and that is why there are not a huge number of successful people in the world. So why don’t people take the action they should be taking to get amazing results in whatever it is they want to be successful at? Often it is down to our belief in ourselves, or lack of it and feelings of uncertainty. There are times in your life where you will take action, perhaps to lose weight or find a new job. At New Years for example, many of us have goals that we want to achieve and we do take a small amount of action to make it happen. Often times, this action isn’t alone isn’t enough.

3 – Believe in yourself

After taking some small steps of action to get the success you want, you are often still going to fail. The action you are taking is not as major or consistent as it could be because in the back of your mind you still don’t believe in yourself and STILL don’t believe the full potential that you truly have, as spoken about in step one. If you are not certain that you are going to get results, you are going to hold yourself back and you are not going to be taking enough of the proper kind of action that you should be taking. This is what happens when you take action, but with the mindset that you are probably going to fail. Without belief, you have nothing and by taking action but with an uncertain attitude, you are not going to get even close to where you want to be.

4 – Get results

The fourth and final step in the cycle is results, meaning the success you wanted to gain in the first place when you started practicing Tony Robbins success cycle. However, how you performed on the previous steps depends how good your results will be. Believing in yourself is key to the cycle being successful or not. If you cannot imagine yourself having the success that you so desperately want, it’s going to be nearly impossible for you to get there. The results are the end goal here and if you take the right action, you will get those results, but first you need a firm belief in yourself and your capabilities.

How to rebel against the norm

These three things are what you NEED to do in order to be successful but for the majority of people they will fail because deep down they don’t believe in themselves. Overcome this and you will be destined for success in all areas of your life. It is sad but true that the norm is to fail because for most of those who want success, they are not unlocking their full potential and they don’t even know what their full potential is. So, you are probably wondering right now, how to rebel against the norm, start believing in yourself and how to become successful at anything you set your mind to? It all comes down to conditioning your mind and your belief. You have to retrain your brain to believe you will get amazing results and then when you take the action, it really will happen. People assume that when they think a certain way, it is impossible to change it but that isn’t true. It is possible to make a pessimist into an optimist, which is key in getting the success you want.

An exercise to try

This is something really interesting to try that will actually show you what your brain is capable of and how you can retrain it for success. Don’t delay, try this simple exercise for yourself right now and you will be amazed with what you discover.

  • Start by standing up, put your feet flat in a position that is comfortable for you and reach out with one hand straight in front of you while pointing.
  • Turn around without moving the position of your feet (rotate your upper body) and move your pointing arm with it as far as you can possibly go.
  • Take a mental note of how far you were able to reach before putting your hand down and face forward again.
  • Now it’s time to take a deep breath, close your eyes and visualize yourself lifting your arm and finger up just like you did for real in the first step (Don’t actually do it!)
  • Visualize yourself turning around and going even further than what you initially did.
  • Play this scenario out in your mind and actually “watch” it happen like you are watching a movie.
  • Open your eyes and do this one more time for real this time, rotating as far as you can go with your arm stretched outwards.

The question you need to be asking yourself now is, did your finger go around further after you did the visualization exercise? For the majority of people, it absolutely would have. The crazy thing is, you had the POTENTIAL to stretch around that far even the first time but you just didn’t visualize it and couldn’t see it happen. The message of this little exercise is that if you visualize something ahead of time and you know what you need to do, you will take the action to make it happen. Visualization is SUCH a powerful thing and can work in all areas of your life. You can practice visualization every day and pretty soon you will be able to watch your success happen in your head, meaning that you can truly unlock the full potential within you.


There is no doubt that your belief system and your thoughts is what’s going to drive how much human potential you tap into, how much action you take and therefore what your results will ultimately be. Say for example, you have a particular job in mind and you really visualize yourself working in that job. This is going to unlock the unlimited potential inside yourself, it will spur you on to take huge action and you will then get the result that you want. If you use Tony Robbins successful cycle correctly, there is no doubt that you can and will become successful, whatever that might mean to you. Start this new way of thinking and looking at success and the results you want will come.

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