How to become an influencer 6 tips

6 Tips To Become An Influencer As A Business

If you have the question of (is it too late to become an influencer?) and maybe you're looking into this because you've heard of becoming an influencer on social media platforms like Instagram or youtube.  I'm going to give you some awesome tips about becoming an influencer and some tips and strategies along my journey that I've learned to now becoming a million dollar influencer, which is crazy because I just started not that long ago, but I have some things that I want to share with you.

So first of all, is it too late? 

My quick answer to this is absolutely not. No it's not. And as a matter of fact, when I started in my specific niche, just a few years ago, I got started in one of the hardest niches that you can start in.

And that's online marketing and entrepreneurship. And you know the reason why that's one of the hardest is because you have a lot of expert marketers that you're going up against in this specific industry. But I was still able to break through and create success for myself as an influencer, creating an income that I can only dream about. I was able to quit my job and now I'm living my dream life. I'm not saying this to brag, but to inspire you. If I was able to do that in a very hard industry, then you guys can do it too. And here's the thing. Even back then, some people were still saying, oh, it's too late. You can't do that. It's over saturated. And that is just not the case. So I want to share a few things that I believe will help you guys in your journey as an influencer on social media.

Tip Number one - Get Started 

You've just got to get started. Start creating content. This is exactly how your influence and business is going to grow (through content). If you don't create anything, then nobody will even know you exist. 

Tip Number two - Pick A Niche You Actually Like 

You actually like go into something that you actually like. And Trust me, I know this, I see it all the time. You know, in working with other entrepreneurs is that people usually will get attention. They'll, it'll, there'll be attracted to something by the amount of income that they make. All right? Now, while some niches are more profitable than others, I encourage you guys to do something that you actually care about. And this is super important because when the rubber hits the road and it's time to start doing what it takes to become a successful influencer, you're gonna have to create a lot of content.

All right? That is what being an influencer is, is creating content on a regular basis on the medium that you guys choose. So whatever platform you choose, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, youtube, or even blogging, you're going to have to pick something and create tons of content around that. Okay? So I encourage you guys as you are looking into a niche as you're looking to build, you know, a brand, a personal brand, and become an influencer. Pick something that you actually like. And my recommendation is to pick something that's rewarding that can actually impact the lives of other people. Because when you see other people's lives being changed as a result of your influence, it's going to give you that much more fuel to keep going.

Tip number three - You must add value

So let's get to number three, and that is no matter what industry, no matter what, what you're an influencer for, you've got to add value to the marketplace.

Okay? And I'm going to talk a little bit here in, in just a second of how it doesn't matter, you know when you're starting or how saturated it is, right? But you've got to understand something. You guys, adding value to the marketplace is the name of the game, okay? If somebody walks away from your content better than when they found it, that is adding value. So many people get confused about this and they say, well, what is adding value? Well, it all depends on what niche or industry you're in. Because if I was a comedian and I'm sitting here giving tips about being an influencer and I didn't make anybody laugh, then I wouldn't be adding value to my marketplace, okay? My market would be people who want to be entertained. And my job is to make them laugh because I'm a comedian. Okay? So it all depends on your industry and your niche that you're going into, but you need to be adding value with every single post that you make.

And also the second on this part is to be intentional. Every single piece of content should have a purpose, okay? And that's just how you build a business as an influencer. Be Very intentional about what you're posting. And actually, before I dive into the next piece, I will tell you guys that you need to be consistent, all right? And honestly, that's how I broke through as an influencer. That's how I was able to build know, annually multiple six figures, but now I've reached over a million dollars, which is just mind blowing. I knew it was possible and I know it's possible for you too. So I hope that you walk away from this content inspired and even more so ready to take action to become an influencer and to hopefully build a business that can change your life and the lives of other people.

And of course that's what my influence is all about. My brand is all about as well. So stay consistent. Consistency is key. I see so many entrepreneurs or wantrepreneurs start a business, start to, you know, post on a social media platform only to not get the results they want after a month or two or even six months in and quit. Okay? And I actually was posting and trying to grow my business for a long time, doing the wrong things, doing too many things at once. Cause I wasn't focused on one platform and I wasn't profitable for the first year or two, which is crazy. Most people would have quit, right? And I'm so glad I did it because it's completely changed my life. Okay?

Tip Number Four -  Let Your Personality Shine 

This is truly the hack of breaking through in a saturated market.

You have a personality. You are unique. You are different than every other person in the world, which is great for you because if you want to build a business around you where you are your personal brand and you want to be an influencer based off the content that you provide, it doesn't matter. It does not matter about the marketplace and how saturated it really is because you are unique. People will listen to you. If you provide value to the marketplace, they're going to start following you. And then of course you can grow your business this way, which we're going to talk about here on the net coming up soon. But let me get into number five. And I think that this is one of the most important things. And it's the reason that, you know, people who have five or six times the followers than I do.

Why I'm able to make more money than they are. The reason is because I learned marketing.

Tip Number Four - Learn Marketing

Now I'm not telling you by any means that I have it all figured out, but marketing was one of the first things I wanted to start learning to begin with. And in doing so by adding value to the marketplace, by being consistent, I naturally just grew my influence, but I knew going into it that that was something that I wanted to do to build a business that I'm, you know, I'm happy with and that I can impact the lives of other people. That's, that's kind of what you guys gotta be thinking about longterm when you're growing your own business. Okay. And the, one of the biggest things of this is to learn marketing. And there's a lot that goes into marketing. I can't talk about the whole marketing process here, or we'd be here forever, so we'll save that for another time.

What I'm trying to convey to you guys is that marketing is going to give you profits, okay. Influence is going to give you a platform to grow your business, okay? But marketing is going to fill your bank account. So I hope that makes sense. And there is a lot that goes into it. Sales funnels running advertisements and follow up email marketing. There's a lot that goes into marketing, but it's something that you need to be thinking about. If you want to level up your influence, if you want to level up your business, you've got to learn marketing, okay? So number six. And the last one that I have to share with you guys is you have to sell something. 

Tip Number Six - Have Something To Sell

A lot of people feel icky or feel gross about selling, but the reality is if you don't have the right mindset about selling or buying, then how do you expect to grow?

A business that I would guess has to, is based on selling. So you have to sell something. Now, for me personally, you know I'm going to up to this point, affiliate marketing. I've grown a multiple six figure business just with affiliate marketing. Now if you guys want to create your own courses, if you have knowledge that you can educate other people on and share knowledge with them, I would encourage you guys to go the route of creating educational courses and sell them. Creating and selling digital products is so lucrative right now. And guess what, it's not slowing down. That's what I'm trying to tell you guys is no, it's not too late. It's actually just the beginning of new opportunity.

So I want you guys to think about where you're at as far as growing your influence and business. Take these tips to heart and, and actually implement them. And this is exactly how I've grown my business to where it is today. And so leaving you guys with this, I want to encourage you guys to smash that like button down below if you haven't already. But no, that's not it. I want to encourage you guys just for a second because I know the doubts, the fears that, you know, people experience when they're first starting because I had them too. You know, I was full time in the military when I started learning about becoming an influencer, about growing an internet business. And it's weird too to an average person. So if you're starting a business, you're starting an influence business around your personal brand,

When you tell people what you're, you're doing, it's weird because people don't understand it. And I want you guys to understand that this is part of the journey. Your friends, your family, none of them may understand what you're trying to do, and that's okay. And as you know, as time moves on. It's becoming more common to grow online businesses. But I can tell you, if you have fears, if you have doubts, that is normal, embrace it. But understand that it's possible for you. Just take a look around at other people like myself and other people who have grown their influence in a huge business online and it's possible. And I'm telling you to hang in there. Take Action on what you learn when you come across content just like this. And I'm telling you, the sky is the limit.

I'm still so very grateful for the life that I get to live now. And the impact that I get to have. This is something that I dreamed about and I actually get to live it and I get to make a difference and an impact in the lives of other people as well. So I want to encourage you guys to believe in yourself and even more importantly take action towards your dreams, because it's absolutely is possible. This is Nathan with freedom influencer. See ya next time!

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  • Ben Blacks says:

    Actually it’s such motivativational yet inspiring tutoring story. It has not only been admirable but also giving it a try. Thank you Nathan.

  • Diana says:

    Awesome post Nathan!

    My hardest challenge as a blogger and entrepreneur has been remaining consistent with my content and my marketing.

    Like, I have no problem creating content every day, but I do tend to lack in the marketing and engaging department.

    Do you have any tips?

    As in, how can I become more engaging and a better marketer besides creating content?

    Thanks again for the post.

    • Nathan Lucas says:

      Hi Diana, Thanks for your comment. You can do jumpcuts in video to be more engaging. Also, with time, you will “find your voice” some say. When you do, you will naturally become more engaging. Another trick is to ask questions. So, say things like “does that make sense”. Or “Okay!?.

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