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Is Hostgator Good? A Complete Review of Hostgator for 2020 Web Hosting

Finding the perfect web hosting service for your website may seem like an impossible thing to do. We are here to tell you that Hostgator may be the perfect hosting site for your website.

If you’ve looked into Hostgator and asked yourself the question of, “Is Hostgator good?” we are here to help you find an answer. To see if Hostgator is a good hosting site keep reading below. 

What Is Hostgator?

Hostgator is a web hosting site that hosts around 8 million domains. With this said, it’s one of the most popular web hosting companies to date. 

They offer 1 click WordPress installation, a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, and support around the clock. Overall Hostgator is a great choice for those securing the domain for their first site to those who are looking to host their 100th site. 

Is Hostgator Good?

The reality is that in today’s world every business needs a website. This website can be anything from an eCommerce shop to a simple day to day blog

A website is required to reach your clients, followers, and potential customers. With every website, no matter what website you choose to have will require a hosting service. 

Hostgator is one of the top choices in today’s web hosting market. This fact answers the almighty question of, “Is Hostgator good?”

Hostgator has a high-quality cloud, virtual private server (VPS), and they offer packages dedicated to their servers. What makes them stand out from other web hosting services on the market is their shared plans. These shared plans are robust and will provide the perfect hosting options for any user. 

The Overall Pros of Hostgator

Hostgator is one of the most used domain hosting websites in the world. This can be looked at as a big pro, but if you want more technical pros we got you covered. 

The first pro we would like to point out about Hostgator is their variety of hosting plans that are packed full of features. They offer a few different plan options (that we will break down below) that are perfect for any website you may have.

Another pro is that they offer amazing shared hosting offerings. This means that Hostgator has numerous websites on one web server that’s connected to the internet. This is an economical option for hosting sites since the overall cost of server maintenance is cut due to serving more customers at once with the use of fewer resources. 

This is a pro for Hostgator because you won’t be paying an arm and a leg and your costs won’t be through the roof to host your website with them. Another pro we’d like to point out is that they are amazing for novice webmasters.

If you’re new to the web hosting game going with Hostgator is a no brainer. With their 24/7 support, they will answer any questions you may have and walk yours through any issues with your site. Also on top of their responsive support team, they offer excellent customer service that will always leave you feeling great about your interactions. 

If this list can’t get any better we are here to say it can since Hostgator offers useful site-building software. This software will help you improve your website and is easy to use.

Lastly, Hostgator offers amazing uptime. They rarely have any downtime which means your hosting will never be interrupted. 

The Overall Cons of Hostgator

We have outlined the many pros that Hostgator has to offer anyone who decided to host their website through them. With pros comes cons, it’s inevitable. But, we only really found one con to the hosting service.

This con is that they don’t offer any windows-based VPS hosting. VPS is a virtual machine that’s sold as a service by a hosting service such as Hostgator. Overall, this is the machine that will be hosting your website.

Hostgator currently doesn’t offer Windows-based VPS hosting which means that the resources will not be completely owned by the user in the private environment. This means a higher level of security for your website and can even cut costs. If you don’t have your heart set on having a windows-based VPS then Hostgator will be a perfect fit for your website. 

A Breakdown of Their Services

To help you personally decide if Hostgator is good we are going to break down their services to help you decide. After all, the decision on whether Hostgator is good depends on if you think it’s the right fit for hosting your site.

Hosting Through Shared Web

We have explained what shared web hosting was above but for a quick refresher, we will give you a quick definition. Shared web hosting is when multiple websites are hosted on one server.

Even though this cuts down on the costs of website hosting for clients there are a few downsides. For example, if one website sees a large influx of traffic it can negatively impact the performance of other sites on the server. 

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and cheap hosting option then shared hosting is the route to go. If you would like more server resources put towards your site then you will have to go the route of VPS.

The nice thing about Hostgator is that they offer month to month shared hosting plans. This means that if shared hosting doesn’t work for you and your site you can change it the next month. This is one of the many pros to Hostgator, no commitment.

You do have the option of signing up for different plans that are long and they will push you to do a minimum 6-month plan but you don’t have to. They do offer a Windows-shared and Linux-shared hosting plans which will give any small to medium-sized business the needed room to grow and improve.

There are two main plans they offer:

  • The hatchling – This starts at $10.95 a month and will have unlimited disk space, databases, data transfers that happen monthly, email addresses, and support for a single domain.
  • The baby – This starts at $11.95 a month and builds off the plan above. It offers unlimited domain support instead of one.
  • The top-tier business plan – For $16.95 a month you can have this plan that includes specialized options and private SSL support

Hosting Through VPS Web 

Hostgator also provides VPS web hosting plans. This is perfect for those that want more power than what shared hosting can provide.

VPS has more than one site living on a server but the number is less than what you will find on a shared web server. Of course, you will end up paying more for a VPS web hosting plan than that of a shared hosting server plan.

Hostgator does offer a Linux-based VPS hosting for $19.95 a month. If you’re experiencing high traffic volumes then you will need the higher horsepower that comes with the VPS web hosting. 

Hostgator offers the following VPS web hosting plans:

  • Snappy 2000 – This will give you 120GB of disk space, 2GB of RAM, and 1.5TB of data transfers once a month for $79.95 a month. 
  • Snappy 4000 – This is the mid-tier plan. This will give you 165GB of storage, 4GB of RAM, and 2TB of data transfers once a month. This plan will cost you $119.95 a month.
  • Snappy 8000 – This is the most advanced plan Hostgator has to offer. With 240GB of disk space, 3TB of monthly data sharing, and 8GB of RAM it’s pretty powerful. You can have this plan for $149.95 a month.

Overall these plans are great for when you need to be flexible with your site. Another upside to these plans is that they don’t require a long term commitment. You do have the option to sign up for longer terms for less cash, but if you’re unsure of what your site needs these are great to try out. 

Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting is a very powerful kind of web hosting. It’s one of the most powerful options because your site will exist on a server by itself. With this said, this option is more expensive than the ones listed above but it is also the most powerful.

If you expect or experience a lot of traffic on your site then this is the best option for you. Unlike their other options above, they only have one plan to select when it comes to dedicated web hosting.

This plan starts at $119 a month and will give you a nice selection of features. These features will include 1TB of storage, 32 GB of RAM, and an unlimited amount of monthly transfers. 

You can have your choice of Linux-based or Windows-based dedicated web hosting. In reality, Linux-based dedicated web hosting is hard to find and Hostgator is one of the few hosting platforms that offer this. 

Cloud Web Hosting

Another option that Hostgator offers is cloud web hosting. With cloud hosting your site’s information is shared across multiple servers. This offers benefits such as scaling resources in real-time since your website won’t be limited to physical server constraints.

The only downside to their cloud hosting platform is that it’s only available as a Linux-based option. If this is the perfect option of you, you can choose from one of their three plans:

  • The hatchling plan – For $12.95 a month you can have this plan that comes with two CPU cores, your own domain, 2GB of RAM, and unlimited data storage.
  • Baby cloud plan – This plan is $13.95 a month and will give you unlimited domains, four CPU cores, and 4GB of RAM.
  • Business cloud – This is the top-tier plan when it comes to Hostgator’s cloud web hosting. For $19.95 a month you can have 6GB of RAM, 6CPU cores and an IP address.

Getting Started With Hostgator

So now you probably understand that Hostgator isn’t good but it’s a great option for anyone that needs a hosting website. Getting set up on Hostgator is easy and will only take a few minutes of your time.

After signing up they will send you an email that outlines how to get started step by step. You will have the option to select your plan and manage your add-ons to perfectly craft a hosting plan that suits you best.

You will get a walkthrough of their website builder that’s easy to use and will help you have a flawless website in no time. If you already have a website, such as WordPress, you can import it into Hostgator with just a click. 

WordPress Web Hosting

One of the best things about Hostgator is that it lets you host your WordPress site in just a few clicks. To manage and host your WordPress site you will have to choose a plan through Hostgator.

You will just need to choose your plan and then you can install a third-party application through Hostgator that will import your WordPress site in just a few seconds. After importing you will need to review the site and make any necessary formatting changes to make it look flawless.

What’s Your Final Decision on Hostgator?

We have outlined all the plans Hostgator has to provide. From shared hosting to hosting your WordPress website you will find a plan that fits you and your website perfectly.

We have even told you the pros and one con we could find when it comes to Hostgator. So, do you know how you will answer the question of, “Is Hostgator good?”

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