Mashshare WordPress Plugin Review – Best Social Sharing Plugin?

The MashShare Plugin For WordPress

Alright, so if you're anything like I was, you're probably looking around for the best social media sharing plugin for wordpress and stumbled upon this MashShare plugin and wondering if it's any good.

Well, I want to cover some of the basics so you know what to expect if you decide to go with this plugin.

Is it FREE?

Yes, this plugin does have a free version, however, it's very limiting and In my personal opinion, making the purchase for the addons is totally worth it, but here are some things to consider:

Are you building a business?

If you're an entrepreneur who's building a business online, then your website is your real estate on the web. Therefore, you should probably do your best to make it as user friendly for your visitors and potential clients.

How serious are you about your growing your website?

Maybe you just blog as a hobby, or have cake business, or you might be growing a network marketing business or you could be involved with affiliate marketing.

I have no idea what your website is for... But, if you're serious about growing your audience through your website, the tools you use to make that happen definitely play a huge role. Will this plugin help you get more shares? I think it could.

The MashShare Breakdown -

Here are some of things you can expect to see with this plugin. I'm going to highlight some of my favorite things, but do realize that the addons for this plugin are not free (but worth it).

1. Sleek design

This plugin looks like that of Personally, I think it's a smooth, clean look that does not clutter up your website.

At the time of writing this, I'm using this plugin with addons right here on​

I think this clean look promotes easy sharing on any site.

2. Subscribe button (Awesome for growing your list)​

Okay, this is a big one for any marketer out there who's trying to build a brand.

This plugin comes with a subscribe button that you can link to any URL of your choosing. I do believe you can also have a box pop up as well.

This feature alone is a great reason to get this plugin, and, it comes with the free version.

3. Sharing counter

The mashshare plugin has a feature that will count the number of shares you've had on a post or page. This looks great and can also be customized with a different color.

Awesome Addons That Promote Sharing

​The addons for this plugin are very cost effective and they offer a packages to get more addons at a better price. Here are a couple of my favorite that I use here on this site.

Sharing Bar​

At the top of this website you may notice that bar where you can share this post. That bar is an addon from Mashshare. This is really great when people are reading a post, no matter where they're at on your page, they can simply click on that bar to share it out to there social media accounts.

Floating Sidebar

This was one of the deciding factors for me to go with this plugin. I felt like I've been looking all around for the best social media sharing plugins and this one had exactly what I needed and more, all in one spot.

The floating social media bar is pretty sweet and it's also customizable. You can even set a background color if you'd like, which I don't have here on this site.

Like After Share​

Are you kidding me! This feature, my friend, is, Bad, Ass!

The like after share addon allows you to have a pop up appear after someone shares a post that promotes your facebook fanpage for likes. This is a great way to build up some likes and your following on Facebook. Want to see how it works? Go ahead, share this post and you'll see how it pops up after you do. 😉

MashShare Conclusion

Overall, I'm very happy with this plugin. I think it looks freaking amazing, and I also went with the addon package, so I have everything under one roof.

I think this is a great choice for people who want a clean look for their social sharing buttons and want to promote engagement on their site. If you're a marketer or someone who is trying to build a brand online I would absolutely recommend it.

They also have an affiliate program to refer others to the plugin, which I do promote in this post. If you choose to purchase from any of my links, I do get a small commission.

Do you currently run this plugin or are you thinking about getting it? Let us know in the comments below, and of course, share this post with your friends!

Talk soon,

Nathan Lucas



  • Anita Hales says:

    Sounds like some great features for this plugin.

    • Nathan Lucas says:

      Yes Anita, It’s awesome. I’m still liking it a lot. Thanks for leaving a comment 🙂

  • Great review, Nathan. Never heard of this plug in but suonds awesome. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Nathan Lucas says:

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Theresa! 🙂

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