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Creative Content Marketing Ideas Every Affiliate Marketer Should Use

One of the keys to attracting attention to your affiliate website is to create intriguing and/or informative content. Interesting creative content will bring traffic to your website, where it can eventually be converted into sales. 

The question is: what does good content entail? There is no textbook definition, just a bunch of interesting ideas for you to try out. So, without further ado, here are some creative content marketing ideas that every affiliate marketer should use. 

Forecast What’s to Come

The internet already contains a bevy of information about what is happening and what has already happened. What it doesn’t contain a lot of is forecasts predicting what might happen in the future. 

As an affiliate marketer, you should capitalize on this absence of forecasts by making forecasts of your own. You’re bound to have a good deal of insight on the product that you’re selling. You’re just as qualified as most to make reasonable predictions. 

For instance, if you’re selling golf clubs, you could write a blog post entitled “What Can We Expect from Golf Club Technology in 2020?”. Then, just write about any advancements that might be on the horizon. 

Assess Your Forecasts

One of the great things about forecast posts is that they can be two-for-one content pieces. Not only can you provide an initial forecast, but you can also provide a follow-up of your forecast after the moment has passed. 

This is helpful not only in keeping your readers attached to the subject but in building trust. If you’re honest and transparent about your misfires, they’ll respect you more than if you had just swept them under the rug. 

Review a Frequently Asked Question

Why do readers read blog posts? To learn! As such, you should appeal to their thirst for knowledge by reviewing a frequently asked question. 

Let’s say that you’re trying to sell a specific type of kids’ toy. Let’s say that you’ve frequently noticed parents inquiring about the safety of the toy. You could create an article called “Is the [name of toy] safe?”.

Within the article, you could review any safety problems that the toy might have. To supplement this information, you could also provide info on its other characteristics. 

The frequently asked question will draw readers in. Then, you can use the platform to make the sale. 

Inform Readers as to What They Should Avoid

Another content idea is to inform readers (or viewers) as to things that they should avoid. This presents the information in an inverse fashion, making it a little more interesting than the typical list of benefits or instructions. 

Let’s say you’re selling fishing poles. You could make a list of things to avoid in a fishing pole. This would simultaneously inform the reader as to what should and shouldn’t be possessed by the product. 

Make a List

Human beings tend to be compartmentalizers. As such, they love lists. Lists allow them to separate different entities in their brains, thus allowing them to compare those entities in great detail. 

For this reason, you should be adding lists to your website on a regular basis. Make “best of” lists, make “worst of” lists, make “the most expensive “lists, make “the most affordable” lists, and so on and so forth. Natural human intrigue will almost ensure that they’re read. 

Make sure to drop in affiliate links throughout each list. That way, if a reader comes across something he or she likes, he or she can buy it in short order. 

Review Products

Another content idea is to review products, both individually and in groups. Consumers are constantly on the search for useful products to buy and are typically looking for someone to give them the honest truth about them. You could be that someone. 

Make review articles with titles like “The Best Wrestling Shoes of 2020” or “Cuisinart Blenders: Comparing the Best”. Of course, stick to products that are within your niche, but don’t be afraid to get creative. 

Or, if you wish, do a profile on a single product. This is useful when it comes to popular products, as online users are typically searching for information on them specifically. A post titled “Reviewing the iPhone 11” might attract some attention, for instance. 

The entire point is to sell products. And while an entire website full of product reviews might come across as heavy-handed, a few product reviews here and there will only be beneficial to you. 

Create a Slideshow

If you’re looking to mix your written content up from time to time, you should consider transforming it into a slideshow. This is particularly effective if you’re using the slideshow to display a list of some kind.

For instance, if you’re trying to sell hockey skates, you could create a slideshow called “Best Hockey Skates of 2020” with each slide showing a different pair of skates and including a different affiliate link. 

This isn’t really any different than creating a straightforward article. It just presents the information in a slightly different way, one that might appeal more to specific readers. 

Offer Daily Tips

A great way to keep readers coming back on the regular is to offer daily tips. This tip doesn’t need to be world-changing, just a quick and succinct bit of information that might make an indent on someone’s life. 

Daily tip posts work terrifically as space-fillers. They keep readers engaged and only take a few minutes to write. 

Make an Event Summary

Go to any niche-specific events lately? If so, you should create summaries of them. Whether you do this through written word or video, they will almost certainly attract the attention of interested parties. 

Review your experience at the event, what happened at the event, who was at the event, and other relevant information. This will not only attract potential buyers but it might also result in a backlink opportunity or two, helping your overall SEO. 

Issue a Survey

Another way to attract attention to your website is to issue a survey to several companies or authorities in your niche. This way, you can try to get a consensus on various niche-specific questions. This information could be quite valuable to your visitors. 

For instance, let’s say that you sell air fryers. You could call around to several authorities in your niche and ask them which air fryer is the best. Then, post the results and allow them to influence your readers.

The opinions of several authorities are bound to be more attractive to potential buyers than is the opinion of a single authority. 

Interview Experts in Your Niche

While you should be positioning yourself as an expert in your niche, you don’t need to position yourself as the only expert. Your readers know that other authorities exist, and they likely wouldn’t mind hearing from them for a change. 

As such, you should conduct and post interviews to your site every once in a while. A monthly expert interview will not only intrigue existing readers, but it will also bring new readers as well (particularly those who are fans of the expert being interviewed). 

Publish Guest Posts

Not only can you provide alternative mindsets through interviews, but through guest posts as well. Guest posts are simple; allow someone else in your niche to write an article and then publish it on your website. 

You could even trade a guest post opportunity in exchange for a backlink. There are sure to be takers out there. After all, they’re looking for exposure just as much as you. 

Connect Your Niche to Current Events

Evergreen content is preferrable . . . most of the time. But in order to retain traffic, it’s sometimes a good idea to publish content that ties your niche into current events. This will keep things fresh, lending an ever-lasting legitimacy to your website. 

Note, though, that you don’t want to force the issue. And you certainly don’t want to make light of tragedies. If there’s no organic connection between the event and your niche, you should probably just leave it alone. 

Start a Podcast

If you fancy yourself a decent speaker, you might consider starting up a podcast. While podcasting isn’t for everyone, it can be a great way to draw attention to your brand. 

The key when starting a podcast is to base it around a topic that’s relatively popular but which isn’t saturated. If you choose a saturated topic (like true crime or current events), you’re going to have trouble getting noticed. 

Instead, opt for a topic with second-tier popularity. Then, find a niche within that topic to key in on. The more creative your topic, the better chance you’ll have of gaining traction.  

From there, all you have to do is create quality content and broadcast it consistently. The more consistent you are in publishing your podcast, the faster your podcast will grow. 

Create YouTube Videos

Another medium that can help you to reach a substantial number of followers is YouTube. For this reason, regardless of your niche, you should be making YouTube videos on a consistent basis. 

There are a number of different types of videos you can make for YouTube. You could create a vlog in which you center your channel around yourself and the ways that you engage in your niche; You could create product reviews, offering straightforward information to consumers in need; You could discuss the history and culture surrounding your niche. The possibilities are endless. 

Not only can you use your YouTube channel to attract others to your website, but you can also use it to post affiliate links. By posting affiliate links in your video descriptions, you open them up to substantial amounts of additional traffic. 

Highlight a Specific Company

The more recognizable the brand of the product, the easier it is to sell. As such, you won’t have a lot of trouble selling Nike and Apple products. The products you will have trouble selling, however, are those with little-known brand names. 

For this reason, you should consider highlighting specific and little-known companies that exist within your niche. In doing so, you can familiarize your visitors with these companies and increase the chances that they buy their products. 

If you can, you might even consider arranging an interview with the company’s CEO. If your website has enough clout, he or she would likely be glad to accommodate you. 

Engage in Trending Topics

If you’re on Twitter (and you should be), you’re likely well aware of trending topics. These topics are terrific for getting everyone involved, helping to produce an internet culture that is both far-reaching and rich. 

Well, while you should engage in trending topics on Twitter, you shouldn’t limit your engagement to Twitter only. You should engage in these topics on your website as well. 

By tying a trending topic to something within your niche, you can ride the tidal wave of attention that it’s currently getting. This attention will also bring attention to the products that you’re selling, resulting in increased affiliate commission

Looking for More Creative Content Ideas? 

These content ideas can be quite effective. But in truth, they’re only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There are thousands of other creative content ideas out there; you just need to find them. 

Need a little help? Our website has you covered. We have a variety of content ideas for our visitors to make use of, some of which involve written content, some of which involve video content, and some of which image content. 

Check out some of our other articles now! 

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