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The Most Popular Gaming Affiliate Programs You Should Try in 2020

Whoever said that playing video games can’t be a real job? On popular gaming website Twitch, there are almost 4 million monthly streamers. There are nearly 1.4 million concurrent viewers and over 35,000 Twitch partners. There are a lot of gamers online, which is why learning about gaming affiliate programs comes in handy.

And this is only on one platform. This doesn’t include gamers on Youtube, Instagram, or anyone who reviews games on blogging platforms like WordPress. 

Making money playing videogames is a real thing, and I can help you do it.

If you want to make some extra money with your gaming passion, trying out some gaming affiliate programs can be super beneficial. I’ll show you some of the best options.

What are Gaming Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate marketing is when you, as someone with an audience (sort of like an influencer), get a link or code for a product that’s related to your niche.

In this case, that niche is gaming.

You can mention the product in the link on your website, and if your followers decide to use it to purchase the item (or sometimes any item, as long as they used your link to get to the website), you get a small commission. 

This makes it a mutually beneficial relationship between you and the company that creates the product. 

This is a great way to show off products that you love and think that your followers will actually use, and it’s also a great way to make a little bit of money for being a great advertiser. 

Some affiliate programs are going to be better than others though. I’m going to run through a list of some of the most promising affiliate programs for gamers.

1. Epic Games

This is a mega-popular gaming company, and you’d be wise to use their affiliate program if you play their games for an audience.

Fortnite and Gears of War fall under their umbrella and those games are popular on streaming websites. If you’re already playing for a huge audience, and your followers are already buying their products, consider asking them to use your link instead.

You do have to apply and hit a certain standard to qualify for their program, but if you have a large following it’s definitely worth a shot for a 5% kickback.

2. Amazon

While not strictly gaming affiliate programs, Amazon’s affiliate program is pretty good. You can earn up to 10% from purchases made using your links, and the user doesn’t have to purchase the item that you linked to.

This means that even if you linked to something like a gaming mouse, if the user also went on to purchase a book or clothing, you still get 10% of the entire purchase. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

Again, you have to qualify, but it’s worth applying.

3. Green Man Gaming

This company sells Steam keys at a huge discount. Steam is a digital PC game service that has seemingly endless games for sale. It’s hugely popular, so this could be a profitable venture.

That said, there’s only a 2%-5% kickback on games that are already discounted, so it’s going to be a slow journey to profits. Because the costs are so low, though, it may attract more buyers. Either way, this one is worth a shot.

You do have to be part of a different affiliate program to get in, though. There is an extra level of complication to get into this one.

4. Twitch

If you’re reading this, you likely already know about the Twitch affiliate program.

Twitch affiliates have three different ways to earn money while streaming. They can earn “bits” from their viewers. They can get money from new subscriptions. They can also earn through the sales of games or in-game items while they’re streaming. 

There are certain steps that you need to take to qualify, but the bar isn’t that high. It’s totally achievable for any dedicated gamer who loves an audience. 

If you don’t already use Twitch, it’s a great way to grow a following and a fun way to socialize with people who organically love your content. 

If you love spending time playing games anyway, this might be worth your while. There are no downsides to trying if you’re a gamer. You’re already there!

5. Turtle Beach

Do you use Turtle Beach products?

You should consider it. Their products are popular and for good reason. They specialize in well-made gaming headsets. If you’re a user, you can be an affiliate (as long as you qualify).

They claim to accept many different types of people for their affiliate program, but you do still have to apply. 

Your earnings will only be about 4%, but I wouldn’t worry too much about that. Their products can be pretty expensive (they’re a higher-end brand) so even a few sales can be good for your wallet. 

6. Sennheiser

So maybe you’re not a Turtle Beach fan. That’s okay. We’ve got options. Sennheiser is another creator of tools that gamers know and love.

They make headsets and microphones that streamers worldwide have used for their own channels, and they also have a gaming affiliate program. Theirs has a slightly heftier 6% kickback for the gamer, which feels competitive in comparison.

When you apply, they claim to not only judge on your reach (or following). They also judge on the quality of your content. For this one, you should probably really love what you do and have a strong and dedicated fanbase that loves to watch you play.

7. LootCrate

This one might be a little bit different, but from experience, I’ve known gamers to love LootCrate. It’s fun!

LootCrate is a mystery subscription box full of content from “geek culture”. I’ve personally received merchandise from Batman, World of Warcraft, Bioshock, and all kinds of other things that I was really excited to get.

It’s slightly less popular now than in years past, but signing up as an affiliate is free. It’s genuinely a fun product to offer to your followers, and you don’t lose anything by suggesting it to them.

Their earnings model is a little bit vague, and the website makes no claims that it’s accurate, so tread cautiously. But again, it’s free to join. 

8. Microsoft

This is a big one, but you’re going to be hoping for big-ticket items.

Microsoft covers the Xbox market and part of the PC market. They also have all kinds of other gadgets under their umbrella. 

The affiliate program also covers games and apps, so even small purchases made by your subscribers can count towards your earnings.

Microsoft is another company that offers a competitive rate. They offer up to 10% of earnings on purchases that fit into their affiliate program. Considering how large some of these items are, this one is definitely worth your time.

These are items you can reliably market to your followers, and feel good about doing so. They’re tried and tested and some of the best games and products in the industry. 

9. Chairs4Gaming

Do you have a comfy and supportive gaming chair? Do you think everyone else should have one too? 

Chairs4Gaming might be for you.

They offer a unique affiliate program. They have a competitive 10% commission on all sales that come from your link. They also have other benefits detailed on their website.

As you “rank up” as an affiliate, you earn points. Those points get you things like PayPal rewards, footrests, and even a chair to give away to one of your subscribers in a giveaway-type situation. 

This is a really neat system and a great program to be a part of, even if you never make your way up through the ranks. 

10. Razer

Razer is a household name for gamers, so this is a good one to keep your eye on. They make high-quality gaming hardware, and they’re a super recognizable brand.

The commissions vary on this one, but you can earn up to 10% depending on the product and how it’s being marketed.

Razer has a separate program only for streamers called their #razerstreamer program that differs from their affiliate program.

11. CDKeys

Almost everyone who plays videogames has heard of (and maybe used) CDKeys at some point in their lives. 

They sell PC games at bargain prices. This means they’re popular amongst gamers, and they might be perfect for your audience.

They offer a 5% commission, and they don’t seem too strict about who they let into their affiliate program. They just want passionate people who will help share their products with more potential customers.

They do have a few rules for their video game affiliates on their page, but this seems like a pretty solid program.

You likely won’t earn too much from this one unless you have a massive and very dedicated following, but it’s free to join. It’s a great website. There really are no downsides. 

12. KontrolFreek

This one is a little less known. They have what’s called a “creator’s program”. This is basically an affiliate program with some extra perks.

KontrolFreek makes performance gear for gamers, like cables and grips. Basically, these are things to make the game playing experience more fun and comfortable for the user.

They might not be things that every viewer knows about, so this could be a good opportunity. 

You earn a 10% commission on purchases made through your link or code for this one, which is another competitive rate. The bar to entry is pretty high though.

Users must have 20,000 followers across their social media platforms. So while this is a great opportunity for someone with a pretty dedicated following, this isn’t the best place for someone just getting started.


NVIDIA is somewhat of a household name for PC gamers worldwide.

They make some of the most popular graphics cards in the business, and you can feel good recommending them to your followers.

They have a low commission rate, at about 2% per sale, but considering how expensive some of the products are this can still be a profitable venture for you.

14. Best Buy

We know, another non-traditional choice. But Best Buy has games and products for all of the traditional gaming systems, from Playstation, to Xbox, to Nintendo Switch. They also have gear for the average PC user.

If you’re less of a streamer and more of a gaming blogger, this could totally be the right choice for you.

There are plenty of products that you can pick up and review and suggest to your viewers. You’ll get to help your followers and receive a bit of a commission as well.

15. Origin PC

Origin PC makes great PC parts and tech for the PC gamer. If you’re a passionate PC user, this could work for you.

Their commissions vary (and are a little bit confusing, frankly), but their products can be costly. This means that even if you’re making a low commission, you can still make decent money if you have good products to recommend to your fanbase. 

Are You Ready to Make Money?

Affiliate marketing through gaming affiliate programs is one of the best ways to earn money online. It benefits you, your viewers, and the brand that you’re doing the marketing for. Finding and sharing products that you use and love costs you and your followers nothing, but can get you some serious cash if you keep up with it.

Make sure that your links are to things that you would actually use. This stops your site from looking spammy and getting penalized by Google and protects all of that hard work you did for search engine optimization. 

It also ensures that your followers continue to trust your judgment, which is crucial. If they don’t believe that the products or services that you’re offering are actually good, there’s no way that they’re going to be interested in buying them.

If you’re ready to start making even more money online, check out the rest of my site. I want to help people succeed with their online businesses. Gaming affiliate programs are only one step towards online success.

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