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Marketing on YouTube for Beginners: 12 Tips for Success

YouTube is a vast platform that has millions of users and millions of viewers. When considering it for your marketing platform it may feel as if it’s impossible to get any traction. We are here to tell you that you have the power to market on YouTube and to be seen even as beginners.

Below we have given you a crash course on Youtube for beginners in marketing. Keep reading below to see our tips. 

What Is YouTube Marketing?

YouTube marketing is a great way for you to get into video marketing. Since YouTube is one of the most visited sites on the internet you will be sure to get your ad in front of a decent number of people.

YouTube marketing can be done by buying ad space on YouTube in the sidebar of the site or placing an ad before or during a video. If this is too costly for you, you can create a YouTube channel to market yourself for free.

The key to having a successful marketing YouTube channel is to make it look interesting, attention-grabbing, and having a clear call to action. This call to action could be what each video will set out to do or even that you publish videos once a week.

The most important thing is to know your target audience and to advertise to them. You should give your audience things that will make their lives easier and the topics they want to hear about.

Overall YouTube marketing is marketing that is done through a video. It can be put in paid spaces throughout the website or can be done completely free by yourself through your own personal or company YouTube channel.

Why Should You Market On YouTube?

Marketing on YouTube can be one of the most versatile, easy, and cheap ways to market your company, yourself, or your product. By creating videos you can make the search engine optimized to appear on search result top pages for free. YouTube will even help you reach a wide audience with its millions of viewers.

Marketing on YouTube will get you the exposure you want for a little time and effort and close to no cash spent. Overall it’s a win-win situation for you and the consumer. 

Tips For Marketing On YouTube

If you’ve decided that YouTube is a great way to market then it’s time to get started. The first thing you will need to do is make your channel that has a great, eye-catching layout. After this you will need a few tips on how to create content to get users clicking and viewing your videos:

Tip #1: Land Your Audience With a Title

The titles you place on your videos on YouTube are one of the most important things. Viewers will decide if your video is worth watching in the few seconds it takes to read your title. So it’s important to create a title that gives the viewer enough information about the video but also pulls them in.

One way to do this is to write have a sentence and leave it open. This will make the viewer want to know what’s going on and select your video. 

Keep in mind that you have 100 characters for your title but when browsing this gets cut off at 50 characters. Make sure you can make an impression within those 50 spaces. 

Also, remember to use SEO to make your videos stand out and appear on searches. This will help viewers select your content because it will be exactly what they typed into the search bar. 

Tip #2: Post Content Regularly

Keeping your channel updated consistently will help to keep your channel feed active. This will lead to an increased presence on YouTube and help you to build an audience and following.

The best way to stay consistent is to post one video a week. This is the bare minimum you need to do to stay relevant. If you can post more a week then go for it, just remember that you must post the same number of videos every week to stay loyal to your fan base.

It’s good to point out that depending on what your channel is that more than one video a week may be necessary to stay relevant. Just pay attention to what competitors do and create personal goals to help you gauge how much content you should be posting.

A sure-fire way to create a constant stream of content is to make shorter, easy to watch videos of long and tedious information. Build them around a specific topic and then post smaller videos that will explain the topic in depth. 

Tip #3: Thumbnails Are Important Too

Thumbnails are just as important, if not more important, as your title. These images should catch the viewer’s eye and make them want to click on your video to learn more. 

Putting arrows on your thumbnails will help to draw attention. Even if a red arrow or circle isn’t needed in the thumbnail it will encourage people to click on your video.

Logos are something else that will catch the viewer’s eye and have them watching your video in no time. If your logo is eye-catching and unique use it to your advantage. This will even help you to raise brand awareness.

Tip #4: Cross-Promote With Other YouTube Channels

To help build up your YouTube outreach, especially if you’re just starting, you should reach out to other channels that are in your niche and see if they want to collaborate or give you a shout out. In return, you will do the same thing to help give them awareness.

This doesn’t mean your follower count will rise by the thousands overnight. It will get you some attention and new followers and that’s better than zero. 

Tip #5: Build Up Your SEO Through Descriptions

Putting commonly searched keywords in your title is important for SEO, but also having a few keywords sprinkled in your video’s description is also important. The key is to put these keywords early on in your description. These should be ones that rank well and are getting traffic.

Keep in mind that if keywords don’t sound natural just omit them. Forcing them will make you sound spammy and then people won’t watch your videos. 

Tip #6: Audience Engagement Counts

We have all heard a YouTuber say, “Comment, give this a thumbs-up, and subscribe,” at the end of their videos. They are doing this to build a following, to get feedback, and to boost engagement but they are also doing this to build up their YouTube presence.

The more interaction you get by viewers the more likely you will be to appear higher in the rankings. The more people are engaging with your content the more popular you will become on YouTube searches and even on recommended playlists. 

Tip #7: Having An Interesting Open Is Important

When someone views your video, in the first few sections they are deciding if they will watch the rest or closeout. This is why having an interesting opening is important because it will help viewers become interested and stay until the end, getting you a view that will lead to a higher engagement status.

This is especially important when you’re creating an ad. You will have 5 seconds to catch the viewer’s attention when you’re promoting a product or company. Ideally, you should hook the viewer with visuals and great opening lines to keep their interest. 

Tip #8: Use Annotations To Your Advantage But Don’t Overdo It

Annotations are text overlays that you can place within your video via YouTube’s video editor. With annotations, you can layer texts, images, links, and hotspots over your vides to add another layer to the viewer’s experience.

This will also envoke more user engagement and provide them with more information on the topic or expand on the information you laid out in your video. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t go overboard with your annotations because it may be a turn off for some viewers.

The best way to use annotations is to encourage people to subscribe to your YouTube channel. You can use them to navigate to relevant videos in your channel or even to link to other videos on YouTube (maybe someone you’re collaborating with).

Annotations can be customized to your liking and placed anywhere in your video. Since they are so customizable they are great for marketing and also generating more user engagement. 

Tip #9: Create an Easy Call To Action

The key to any successful marketing campaign, even if that campaign is on YouTube, is having a clear and concise call to action. Depending on what you want your call to action to be for your viewers you can place this call at the begging, middle, or end of your video.

It’s good to point out that having too many prompts will cause confusion for your viewers. It’s best to keep your call to actions minimal and easy for any user to perform. A call to action can be anything from telling a viewer to subscribe to your channel, to comment, or even sharing your video.

Use your call to actions to your advantage to get more exposure. This will lead to higher user engagement and then more exposure overall. 

Tip #10: Closed Captions Will Help With SEO

When you add a transcript to your YouTube video you are making that transcript available to become subtitles on your video and also helping your SEO. Adding transcripts to videos helps SEO because search engines will crawl the transcripts to see if there are any keywords when a user searches them.

If your transcript matches a keyword your video will appear on the search results. A clip of your video may even appear and give the user the exact answer they’ve been looking for. This means more exposure and also will lead to the user clicking on your video to learn more information. 

Tip #11: Know Who Your Audience Is

When creating a marketing YouTube you will know what you want to market but you will also need to know who you want to market to. Knowing your audience is half the battle of having a successful marketing YouTube channel.

To know your ideal audience look at competitors and see who follows them. It’s also a good idea to look up hashtags relevant to your product to see what the following is like.

After figuring out your audience you will be able to create content that is tailored towards them. This will help you to keep it interesting for your ideal group and it will help you get an idea for what they want to see. 

Tip #12: Tag Your Heart Out

Tagging videos is another efficient way to make it more SEO. By using popular keywords as tags your video will appear in relevant searches. This means more chances of reaching people and then a bigger possibility of getting more views and followers. 

Now You Know YouTube For Beginners Marketing

Now that you have completed our crash course on Youtube for beginners you know a few tips on how to successfully market on YouTube and why you should be using it as a marketing platform. We look forward to seeing your SEO headlines and catch thumbnails that will boost your video views and get you some traction in the YouTube marketing world. 

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