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Make Money the Easy Way: 17 Profitable Niches With Low Competition

For both newcomers and experienced owners, the ability of your business to generate profits sometimes will depend on the market you’ve chosen. A niche is a subgroup of a larger market with its own particular customers, preferences, and products.

As a digital entrepreneur, you will want to target lucrative niche markets with minimal competition, and that can be challenging. If there are no customers in your niche for you to offer your products or services, or promote affiliate products, then it would be hard for your online business to make money. 

While there are still untapped niches out there, finding profitable niches with low competition isn’t as easy as it sounds. In this article, we’re going to explain the 17 most profitable niches with low competition.

1. Renewable Energy 

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Nowadays, many people have come to realize that fossil fuels aren’t inexhaustible. Lots of them are now shifting to using renewable energy sources. Solar and wind are some of the extremely popular sources of energy being adopted by families all over the world. 

While the list of products powered by sunlight isn’t very long, the few that exist are affordable and environmentally friendly. Plus, the global search volume is high enough, meaning, if you’re operating an online business, there’s a great opportunity to sell solar products.  

The need for renewable sources of energy is no longer limited to solar parks and wind farms; it’s also at the consumer level. And there lies an opportunity to sell items such as electricity-generating turbines to solar power banks.

2. Laserless Tattoo Removal

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Today’s generation is seeing more and more individuals sporting tattoos, which makes sense that there will be more folks who’d want to remove them. 

Although laser tattoo removal is a growing trend, more other individuals would want their tattoos removed without lasers. Better yet, there are several products on the topic whose sales are enticing. It typically costs over $1,000 to remove such tattoos, so if you can generate leads for a removal shop, you’ll definitely make some money.

3. Tiny Homes

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Now that people want to live simpler lives, the old cliché “bigger is better” seems to be giving way to “smaller is much better.” While the idea of owning a mansion still appeals to many, living off the grid is becoming a highly desired lifestyle.

For multiple reasons, lots of people are looking for second homes away from congested urban areas. The emergence and need for tiny homes prove this desire. These homes are also popular with people who want to use them as a home office or create an extra living space for their families.

If you want to try your hands on this niche, some good ideas could be creating a directory of individuals who build tiny homes and direct leads to them for a fee. You can also provide a step-by-step guide to building a tiny house. Also, you can review tiny home products and promote them using affiliate links.

4. Biodegradable Consumables

This niche is often confused with the renewable energy niche. This niche emerged due to a cultural shift, needing to protect the planet from harm by non-biodegradable materials such as plastics. Individuals now know that plastics can enter the human food chain. It’s not just the fish and birds that are consuming plastics—humans too.

Non-biodegradable products are gaining popularity, so if you become one of the early adopters, you’ll likely see good results. There’s a big opportunity in this niche for people to promote straws, bottles, and other products that will biodegrade after a few months.

5. Drones

Drones are one of the currently one of the very hot, profitable niches with low competition. A lot of guys want to have their own drones to start doing live transmissions and take photos from the sky.

A good idea would be to create a website for your online business and fill it with content about drones. Reviewing drones as they come out is a good way to start. To make even a better impact, consider uploading YouTube videos of the various uses of drones and share tips on how to fly them.

6. Home Security Products

With burglary crime still a menace, the market for home security products has never been this big. As the number of individuals taking home security keeps rising, this niche is expected to be a major market in the near future.

Nowadays, more in-demand easy-to-use, technologically advanced, more efficient home security products are being released. Sub-niches, you can focus on include motion sensor lighting, non-lethal home defense weapons, remote home monitoring software, and other products that deter theft.

Other good examples of products that fall in this niche include everything from Wi-Fi video doorbells, mini canisters of pepper spray to wireless CCTV cameras. You can either promote Amazon products, use a dropshipper, or promote your own products.

7. Men’s Grooming Products

As more and more men continue to take personal grooming seriously, the men’s beauty niche is rising rapidly. One of the most significant products in this multi-million niche is beard oil.

While there’s considerable competition in this niche, you may want to look for a gap to leverage and be unique. Some of the products you could include in your business are shaving creams, shampoos, aftershave facial wash, and colognes.

8. Expensive Hobbies

(Image Source: Hobby Help)

Several hobbies fall under this category. Golf, hunting, camping, fishing, and photography are good examples. If you’re interested in expensive hobbies, you could make a killing because the products required to fulfill these hobbies are quite costly.

You can earn by creating courses to help interested individuals out. Similarly, you could receive a commission for the sales you make.

9. Pet Products

(Image Source: Today Show)

Pets have increasingly become an essential part of people’s daily life. Meanwhile, the demand is already high enough and has maintained this position for years. Whether or not you’re a pet lover, you may want to try your hands on this product category as you can more easily establish your brand as an authority and attract sales.

It’s forecasted that pet products will be trending in the foreseeable future. It makes sense to consider selling certain pet products like pet feeders, whose keyword difficulty isn’t that high. Moreover, the number of prospects is on the rise.

10. Kids Party Ideas

Millions of parents are looking for specific party ideas for kids. Surprisingly, this niche hasn’t been dominated yet by big brands, making it perhaps one of the top profitable niches with low competition.

Do you have kids of your own and a passion for writing? Then this could be the niche for you. All you have to do is write about this niche and share photos of your parties with your audience. If you’re interested in this niche, why not create an eBook describing the best party ideas and link it to stuff like party props, clowns and party magicians?

11. Virtual Reality Products

For many years, virtual reality (VR) has always been one of the top “next big things.” Well, the market desire was there in the past, but the technology wasn’t as good enough to keep up with it.

VR is now one of the coolest things around, thanks to the Oculus Rift. The best thing today is that it is no longer the cool thing for nerds and geeks only, but also for anyone interested in experiencing what the technology offers.

With predictions that VR gaming and other VR entertainment will grow rapidly in the future, big companies like Facebook recently made a large investment in this market. To enter into this niche market, you could run a blog that tracks how the VR world evolves.

Some areas of search to consider include virtual reality shopping, virtual reality cameras, Google Cardboard, virtual reality jobs, virtual reality advertising, and DIY virtual reality. 

12. Data Visualization (Data Viz) Niche

(Image Source: Towards Data Science)

People nowadays, more than ever, consume lots of data. Tons of pretty illustrations, well-designed charts, and more. But how much data can people comprehend? 

The core purpose of this niche is making world data understandable, to present it in the most digestible format. Although several tools have been created to help make data as understandable as possible, most of them are still somewhat clunky. This means that it’s still one of the profitable niches with low competition waiting for a disruptor to enter the market.

Furthermore, data is consumed by both small and big businesses. You could help these businesses by running a blog that reviews data visualization tools and earn a commission whenever they purchase a product.

13. Learning How to Speak a New Language

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Most people fancy the idea of learning a new language. The fact that a person can communicate in a second language besides the one in their native country gives them an opportunity to interact with massive audiences.

In the next few decades, a lot of people will still want another language besides their native language. There’s already a market for online language coaching services, language software, and all things associated with learning a new language. This would be one of the best profitable niches with low competition if you know a language that isn’t as common in this space.

14. The Retro Niche

With the advancement in technology and it’s adoption in a majority of people’s lives, some individuals desire simple things. The rise of retro products evidences this.

People now want everything retro fashion from oversized hoodies to rock-n-roll T-shirts—the 1970s fashion. Retro lunchboxes are also back in demand among families with school-going children. And with more families seeing the need for family time, board games are now seeing their way into homes of this generation.

15. Baby Care Products

(Image Source : Parent Prime)

About 360,000 babies are born daily, which means the baby market keeps growing by the day. This means the parents will need products like baby wipes, cribs, shoes, clothes, diapers, and more for their little ones.

While there are other companies selling baby care products, you can thrive on the competition and remain on top by being innovative. You could specialize in selling improved versions of existing products.

Sub-niches within this niche include creating a website that helps couples come up with thoughtful baby names. You may also create a blog that provides tips on how to plan and execute baby showers. 

16. Fandom

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People are always curious and would want to know more about the things they love. You can figure out who this group of people entails and start a blog targeting them. This audience could be movie lovers, sports fans, and more.

Since you’ll be targeting a specific group of individuals, you’ll likely attract a decent number of visitors on your blog and easily rank higher for the terms on search engines. At this point, you should consider monetizing your blog. Selling affiliate products related to your niche or allowing for ads are some of the ways to generate revenue.

17. Automobile Accessories

(Image Source: GetCentive)

Automobiles are among the most expensive purchases people make. For this reason, buyers are always looking for custom-made accessories to complement their rides. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to find unique automobile accessories, making it one of the profitable niches with low competition.

Smartphone holders with a touch of individuality are always in demand. Also, mobile devices need to be charged, even while riding, making portable chargers some of the sought-after mobile products today. Plus, people like the idea of using wireless devices, so it makes sense to include anything wireless that can be used in transit.

Get Started With These Most Profitable Niches With Low Competition

If you want to build a better financial future, it’s important to decide on one of the profitable niches with low competition. As you can see from this list of high potential niches, any digital entrepreneur, can find a niche to try out. Some of the best opportunities come from these niches that aren’t highly-developed yet.

Just scratch the surface and dig a little deeper to find the profitable sub-niches in-demand. Then, figure out what the market is looking for and provide high-quality and personalized product or service in that niche. 

For help with getting started in a low competition niche, check out my free training videos today.

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