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The Best Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs You Should Market in 2020

As an affiliate marketer, you are always on the lookout for the next big thing. What is that perfect niche that calls your attention? Where is the next gold mine? What are cryptocurrency affiliate programs?

If you have been paying any attention, you will know that one of the biggest gold mines is fortuitously in the financial niche.

That niche is cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has gone from a barely known commodity to one that cannot be ignored. Entire businesses have been created around cryptocurrency.

And affiliate marketing is no different. Your next goal should be to look at cryptocurrency affiliate programs. Many cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrency wallets are now offering affiliate programs to bring in more customers.

You, the affiliate marketer, need to take advantage of this.

In this blog post, I will highlight some of the best cryptocurrency affiliate programs out there for you to market in 2020:

The Best Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs for 2020

Cryptocurrency continues to grow as an industry. And many cryptocurrency exchanges are offering affiliate programs that offer great rates to the affiliate marketer.

What to Know Beforehand

As popular as cryptocurrency is, it can still be a mind-boggling industry for many people. There are still many folks who do not know what cryptocurrency is or how it works. And they practically shudder when you bring up complex words like “blockchain” that have now become commonplace in our lexicon.

This is an opportunity for you. Whether you are a beginner affiliate marketer or have been in the game for years, you have the chance to educate an audience about cryptocurrency while making a nice profit off it.

Or, you can also target the cryptocurrency enthusiasts who do not need to be taught what cryptocurrency or blockchain is – but are looking for the best places to invest, buy, or sell cryptocurrency. 

Regardless of whether you take either route or both routes, you have a great opportunity to build a six-figure income through this exciting niche. There are many great niches, but I feel that if you dive into cryptocurrency you can work your way to affiliate riches!

Now that we have established the framework, here are the programs that you, the affiliate marketer, need to jump on this year:

1. Binance Referral Program

Founded in 2017, Binance is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Joining their affiliate program is very simple. All you have to do is create an account and you are given a unique referral link to promote the Binance platform.

The commission rate for Binance is 20% which is a generous amount. However, it gets even better than this! There is no obligation to own Binance coins, BUT if you hold 500 Binance Coins in your account you can raise your commission rate to 40%.

Binance is an exchange for not only Bitcoin but also a plethora of altcoins.

2. Binance Jersey

This is a recent offshoot of Binance and is more targeted toward customers from the United Kingdom. It allows you to purchase cryptocurrency through Binance’s platform using the Pound Sterling or the Euro.

And now is the time to jump in as their commission rate is 80%! It is unlikely that it will remain that high for much longer, so I strongly suggest that you jump in as soon as is possible!

3. BitMEX

While BitMEX has a commission rate ranging from 10% to 20%, which is not as high as the two previously mentioned platforms, what makes BitMEX stand out is that it is a platform for professional cryptocurrency traders.

As a result, if you play your cards right your profits can be high. As this platform attracts the most serious crypto investors, this is where a lot of the action takes place. It may be a bit overwhelming for the beginner affiliate marketer or indeed someone new to the world of cryptocurrency, but it should definitely be on your radar.

4. Coinbase

Coinbase is the go-to cryptocurrency exchange for many newcomers in the United States. I am willing to bet that some of my readers who own cryptocurrency use Coinbase as their preferred exchange platform.

Coinbase offers a plethora of different cryptocurrencies to purchase, but their main focus remains with Bitcoin. They offer a referral program where you receive $10 worth of Bitcoin every time someone you refer buys $100 worth of Bitcoin.

While this may not seem appealing at first, remember that Bitcoin remains the most popular cryptocurrency. Many of your own friends and family may want to purchase Bitcoin but do not know how to get started. You can point them to Coinbase to purchase their first Bitcoin.

And if you prefer fiat currencies, the Bitcoin that you receive as a referral can always be converted to US Dollars and deposited directly to your bank account!

Now, does that convince you?

5. Coinmotion

Coinmotion is to the Nordic countries what Coinbase is to the United States. This is one of the most popular platforms in the region and just like Coinbase, is the preferred platform for Nordic citizens who wish to purchase Bitcoin for the first time. And you may not have known it, but the Nordic countries have become very welcoming to cryptocurrency.

Referral commission had started at a mere 5%. But since September 2019, referral to new customers for Coinmotion was raised to 50%. If you know how to target prospective Bitcoin buyers in the Nordic region (or want to give it a go nonetheless) you should not miss out on this opportunity – the commission rate alone should convince you.

6. KuCoin

KuCoin sells Bitcoin but is also great for altcoins. It is financed by IDG Capital who has been a key player in financing many blockchain and cryptocurrency exchanges, including Coinbase. It is also financed by Matrix Partners who have been instrumental in funding (along with IDG Capital) many companies in China.

What differentiates KuCoin from Coinbase is that it is for a more experienced cryptocurrency investor. It has the framework for investors who wish to be active traders in cryptocurrency

If you know how to target the serious cryptocurrency trader, you do not want to miss out on KuCoin’s affiliate program. The referral rates range from 8% to 20%. And the best part is: you receive your referral payment every two hours. And if someone you referred ends up referring someone else, you get an additional bonus!

7. StormGain

StormGain is another great platform for the serious cryptocurrency trader. It promotes itself as the best platform for cryptocurrency trading because it promotes significantly multiplying your investment. 

Earnings are at a fixed rate: your referred user has to deposit a particular amount for you to earn a commission. These commission rates range from $150 to $300. As a result, you will have to refer as many traders as possible to make serious money.

But if you are a seasoned affiliate marketer and know how to target the dedicated cryptocurrency investor then this is a lucrative avenue for you.

8. is a simple to use cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows you to purchase cryptocurrency with a credit or debit card and using US Dollars, Pound Sterling, Euros or the Russian Ruble. This variety of purchasing options means that you can target customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Eurozone, and Russia. The more customers you can reach, the greater your chance of increasing sales.

Note: As cryptocurrency is popular worldwide, you should research how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are perceived/accepted worldwide to find potential target audiences.

You receive a very generous 30% commission rate on every transaction for the lifetime of the customer whom you refer to the exchange. is a popular platform and most users make transactions frequently. And best of all – payouts occur every single day.

And they make things easy for you. provides you with promotional material such as discount codes and affiliate links to promote their service. So whether you are a beginner or professional affiliate marketer there are great opportunities to be had with

What more could you ask for?

9. Changelly

Changelly is a great cryptocurrency exchange platform for customers in the United States. A customer can purchase a wide range of cryptocurrencies using US Dollars ranging from Bitcoin to lesser-known cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoins.

The affiliate program creates a permanent affiliate link and you receive a 50% commission of Changelly’s commission for every transaction that your referred user makes. This affiliate program is only available for loyal Changelly customers – so you will have to first become a customer before signing up for the affiliate program.

Your affiliate commission is paid in Bitcoin.

10. LocalBitcoins

This exchange is specifically for trading Bitcoins with Bitcoin owners from all over the world. As a result, you can target Bitcoin owners from most countries who just want to quickly buy or sell (or both) Bitcoin to others from their jurisdiction or from any other jurisdiction in the world.

They have a straightforward affiliate program. You receive a 20% commission from your referred customer, whether they buy or sell. The major downside is that you only receive your commission from a referred customer for up to three months. That being said, I still recommend it highly.

It is a great place to practice for beginner affiliate marketers and if you are adept at referring customers, you will be able to build a sustainable income in spite of the three-month limit.

11. Coinmama

Coinmama is a straightforward cryptocurrency exchange for purchasing Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

You create an affiliate link and earn a 15% commission for the lifetime of the customer for every purchase they make through Coinmama. Coinmama also offers custom banners to place on your website to refer customers to its exchange. 

Affiliate payouts are done on a monthly basis. It is required to have three orders from at least three customers in order to receive your payout.

12. KeepKey Wallet

Let us take a quick break from cryptocurrency exchanges and talk about hardware cryptocurrency wallets. These operate like an external hard drive and store the wallet addresses and private keys securely.

KeepKey is a hardware wallet to store your cryptocurrency. As cryptocurrency ownership grows in popularity, the demand for such hardware wallets will increase. You want to get in NOW.

KeepKey allows storage of over 40 different cryptocurrencies, from the known ones such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as lesser-known cryptocurrencies such as TenX and 0x.

You will receive a 25% commission for every KeepKey wallet that you sell. All you have to do is sign up for their program and you will receive your affiliate link.

Let me remind you to get in now before your competition gets in!

13. Ledger Wallet

Ledger is another great cryptocurrency wallet with a great affiliate program. You will receive a 15% commission of every cryptocurrency wallet that you sell. For this program, your payments are issued solely in Bitcoin and are sent directly to your Bitcoin wallet address.

14. Coinigy

Coinigy has an affiliate program that only offers a one-time payment of $15 for every customer whom you refer to its exchange. This may put you off but it should not.

For the beginner affiliate marketer, this is a great way to practice. It is a challenge – with a one-time commission, you are compelled to try to bring in as many customers as possible. This will help you improve your affiliate marketing skills as it teaches you how to appeal to as large an audience as possible.

If being able to refer to as many customers as possible is already your strength, then you will find that even Coinigy can provide a lucrative income. Coinigy is one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms. It allows users to trade from over 40 different exchanges all in one place. 

It attracts a variety of traders, from first time traders to active traders who pay a monthly fee to use Coinigy’s service. Needless to say, it receives a lot of traffic and thus, the potential to market it remains high.

Market That Crypto!

Now that you know the best cryptocurrency affiliate programs for 2020, it is time for you to go forth and market those programs!

And if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and building your freedom through online income, there’s plenty more great content for you!

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