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Top 20 Affiliate Marketing Website Examples That Are Trending in 2020

What pops into your head when you think of affiliate marketing website examples? 

Probably a cheesy webpage with lots of blinking banners and flashing ads, and an exact match domain name, right? Well, that’s the old way of doing business, and it doesn’t work anymore…if it ever did. 

Making an affiliate website actually start generating income takes hard work and creativity. Stake out your niche, develop high-quality content, and cultivate your brand. 

It’s been done before, and it can certainly happen again. Here are some affiliate marketing website examples to help you learn how. 

20 Successful Affiliate Marketing Website Examples

We’ve put together a list of some of the best affiliate websites in terms of marketing products and actually producing quality value. 

If you want to know how to make an affiliate website work, these are case studies in making it happen. We suggest you study these websites, pay attention to what they do that works, and learn their techniques. 

Above all, find some inspiration for your own killer affiliate website! 

1. NerdWallet

NerdWallet represents one of the premier niche website examples. It’s an affiliate review site geared toward financial products.

This means credit cards, insurance, mortgages, credit scores, and everything in between. The whole purpose of the website is to aid its users in making good financial decisions, which is always a winning strategy. 

NerdWallet’s format is essentially a review and comparison website. But it’s still an affiliate website, since its money comes from affiliate marketing. It’s a simple business model that’s evolved into a half-billion-dollar company, so it just goes to show you that affiliate marketing equals big money. 

2. Wirecutter

Wirecutter is another comparison website, this time helping consumers shop for the best products. It’s also a good example of Amazon affiliate marketing, since one of their major revenue streams is through Amazon Associates

Wirecutter puts a great deal of effort into its product reviews. They’re very thorough and meticulous, putting the product through its paces. This is why the site only produces a few reviews a month—quality, not quantity, is its pitch. 

This is the primary reason why the site has acquired a formidable reputation and a loyal following. For this reason, it’s a perfect model for Amazon affiliate sites or affiliate sites in general. 

3. MoneySavingExpert

MoneySavingExpert is another example of a financial education website, much like NerdWallet. 

It’s completely monetized through affiliate links, and it has a number of features that are worth emulating. For starters, it’s very well-formatted and organized for ease of use. 

But it also has an enviable reputation. Particularly since its niche is in financial education, this is a big deal. And that’s one of the great takeaways in creating a successful affiliate website: invest in building a good reputation. 

You’ll reap plenty of dividends later. 

4. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is designed to help its users find the best flight and travel deals on the internet.

Like other sites in the travel niche, Skyscanner is full of travel-related blog content. This mainly comes in the form of travel guides and helpful articles geared toward the tourist set. 

As far as making money, Skyscanner mostly turns a profit through commissions from airline and tourist industry affiliates, such as hotel companies. They must be doing something right—they were acquired in 2016 by the Chinese travel company Ctrip for $1.74 billion. 

5. PCPartPicker

This is another comparison shopping website, with revenue from Amazon affiliate marketing and other affiliate links. In case you couldn’t guess, PCPartPicker is dedicated to computer accessories and advice. 

It’s also a really good example of how to make an affiliate website because it has a different feel than your average affiliate site.

This is a very good marketing strategy, since you don’t want your site’s users to feel like they’re being constantly sold something. The key here is that the site is designed to satisfy a specific need. The affiliate part comes later—organically, in a natural and unforced way. 

That makes PCPartPicker one of the better affiliate marketing website examples. 

6. GearPatrol

GearPatrol uses a somewhat different tack than the other sites on this list. 

It’s a pretty standard Amazon affiliate marketing site, and promotes Amazon products. But it goes all-in on the visual: it reproduces high-quality photographs of the products, so you can really see what it is you might be buying. 

In this way it complements Amazon by providing prospective buyers with more visual information. It’s an interesting move, and it allows GearPatrol to tap into traffic from Instagram and Pinterest. 

7. ThisIsWhyImBroke

Okay, this is a weird one. 

ThisIsWhyImBroke (TIWIB for short) definitely fills the quirky niche. It’s a clearinghouse for everything that’s strange and novel and…well, just doesn’t fit anywhere else. 

The truth is, TIWIB is dedicated to culling all the weirdest and most useless stuff from the internet, and giving it a full rundown. Now, most of these gewgaws and gimcracks are unlikely to appeal to most consumers’ tastes. 

But therein lies the genius of TIWIB. It’s a rabbit hole whence there is no returning, and it can lead to hours of fascinated scrolling. That in turn can lead to clicks on affiliate links, which pays the bills and keeps the money coming in. 

It’s a great setup if you can pull it off. 

8. Consumer Search

Another of the Amazon affiliate sites, Consumer Search is much like Wirecutter. It helps its users find the best products in various categories and does so with reliable reviews. 

Once again, it’s an example of how to build a successful affiliate marketing website through quality content. Consumer Search works hard to provide a useful service for its users. 

The affiliate aspect follows naturally from this fact, as loyal users avail themselves of the site’s resources. 

9. SafeWise

When it comes to niche website examples, SafeWise is another good one. It’s concerned with home security and provides clear, simple reviews of security systems. 

The content on SafeWise is usually of the how-to and comparison variety, and they clearly indicate their top picks to boost clicks on affiliate links. If you’re looking to produce a niche affiliate marketing site, you’d do well to check out SafeWise’s format. 

10. Making Sense of Cents

This is another finance blog, and it’s very popular. It has a slick and high-quality design, and a personal touch that adds to its popularity. 

Making Sense of Cents was created, and is still run, by one person: Michelle Gardner. It originated as a chronicle of her journey to financial independence from student loan debt. Since then, it has mushroomed into the successful affiliate site it is today. 

This personal touch has won the site a loyal following, and it is able to generate income from product recommendations. So if you have a compelling story, perhaps you can pull off something similar. 

11. Website Setup

This is a site that focuses on the web hosting niche. It’s a crowded niche, and it’s not one in which it’s easy to find success.

But Website Setup has been able to carve out a decent place for itself by crafting exceptional content. Most of this content caters to the web hosting and blogging set, and the site claims a pretty impressive rate of website startups on BlueHost. 

And that means some serious money via affiliate commissions. 

12. The Points Guy

Okay, here’s another travel site. 

The Points Guy was founded in 2010 by Brain Kelly, and it began life as a travel blog. It deals with travel news and stories, but its main focus is on accumulating airline points and mileage. 

The beauty of The Points Guy is that it provides a very specific service—making the most of credit card points and benefits so you can travel on the cheap. And this underscores one of the major themes in affiliate sites: travel sites are huge. 

Plus, given the popularity of travel, and the desire to do so cheaply, it’s likely these sites will be making money for a very long time to come. So keep that in mind when deciding on the type of affiliate site you want to create. 

13. Headphones Addict

If you’re planning to target a specific niche, then it’s a good idea to pay attention to this site. 

Headphones Addict does everything right when it comes to niche marketing. Sure, it’s pretty narrow and targeted—it caters to the headphones market, and nothing else. 

It’s also invested a great deal in website layout, aiming for something that doesn’t look like an affiliate website. It’s slick and professional-looking, with regular posts and an uncluttered layout. 

So take note…this is how niche affiliate marketing is done right. 

14. Minimalist Baker

Minimalist Baker is essentially a food blog, with recipes, healthy eating tips, and other food-related content. Its revenue isn’t entirely derived from affiliate marketing, but it’s obviously a big part of it. 

It’s also a perfect example of a small-scale blog that achieves enormous popularity. Minimalist Baker is entirely run by a husband-and-wife team and has won a massive following.

15. Lucie’s List

Lucie’s List is another demonstration of how it’s possible to be enormously successful by finding the right niche. 

This website did it by filling the manifest need of new and expectant mothers for advice and ideas. Lucie’s List helps new moms navigate the troubled waters of pregnancy and motherhood, and so provides a valuable service. 

16. The Military Wallet

The Military Wallet is yet another of those clever niche website examples. As the name suggests, it is designed to help military veterans with their personal financial decisions after their period of service is over. 

Other than that, it’s basically a financial blog. Its content includes the usual tips on how to save money, tax info, and other financial matters of interest to veterans. 

17. Fatherly

Fatherly presents itself as a kind of news and advice blog for millennial parents. However, it’s also a clever affiliate website.

It accomplishes this by mixing in blog posts with affiliate links among its other articles. So the idea is to reel in viewers with catchy content, and send them to the affiliate links.

18. DogFoodAdvisor

Well, the idea behind this one is simple, if nothing else. is perhaps not the slickest looking affiliate site out there, but it does the trick. 

This site has a very basic concept, and it works: help dog owners find the best food for their pets. It provides valuable information on food recalls, and for this reason, wields a great deal of clout in recommending affiliate links to users. 

19. Everyday Carry

This site is geared more toward the survivalist niche. It focuses on the “every day” stuff we carry around with us, which can also be repurposed as survival gear. 

Everyday Carry has a great setup for their website with reviews, buying guides, and even community engagement strategies. All of this creates a perfect vehicle for channeling consumers toward affiliate links. 

20. What Moms Love

Finally in our roundup, the website What Moms Love demonstrates an interesting approach to generating affiliate traffic. 

Catering to new moms, What Moms Love derives a good part of its traffic from social network sites, particularly the image-based sites such as Pinterest or Instagram. It also has a strong email marketing program.

And this is a fantastic model for affiliate sites, since it means tapping into a dependable stream of consumers. By reducing dependency on search engine traffic, sites like this can build a sustainable business model. 

Learn From These Affiliate Website Examples to Make Your Site a Success

There’s a theme running throughout all of the affiliate marketing website examples in the above list. That theme is that hard work and compelling content are the keys to success in affiliate marketing. 

If you study these sites, and learn from their example, you’re already ahead of the competition. So get out there, create that content, find the best affiliate programs, and start marketing your affiliate links like a pro! 

Looking to get into the online marketing business? Check out our site where we have more training for you. 

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